JR DS285 High Speed MG Digital


  • Weight
    .32oz/9 gms
  • Dimensions
    .45 x .85 x .87 in
  • Torque
  • Specification
    cored ferrite
  • Speed
    .23/60 degrees
  • $49.99


Give your micro, slow or park flyer the precise feel and zero-deadband accuracy that only JR digital servo technology can provide.

Weighing in at a scant 1/3 ounce, JR's new DS285 Sub Micro Digital Servo is ideally suited for the slow or park flyer pilot looking for the ultimate in control power and precision. Torque is an impressive 17 oz/in and transit times are in the .18sec/60 degree range using a 4.8V battery pack. Since it shares the exact same dimensions as the non-digital S241, you can easily upgrade your existing park or slow flyer.

JR DS285 High Speed MG Digital
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