KST Servo Frames

Servo frames for KST servos and many MKS servos as well
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  • Typ KST 20 Servo Frame Set. For large 20mm wide servos using a 3mm servo arm screw.

    KST, Futaba, MKS, Hitec and ChocoFly servos.

    • $22.95
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    Typ KST 06 Servo Frame Set

    Available for standard and horizontal servos.

    • $14.00
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    Typ KST A13-610 Servo Frame w/ Bearing Set

    • $19.95
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  • Typ KST DS125 Servo Frame w/Bearing Set 

    Also fits KST DS135 servo, DS225 servo

    • $19.95
  • Typ KST DS215 Servo Frame Set

    • $19.95