MKS DS6100-MG Digital Servo

MKS DS6100

  • Weight
    9.5 g <br> (0.335 oz)
  • Dimensions
    22.5X10X23.5 mm <br> (0.89x 0.39x 0.93 in)
  • Torque
    3.18kg-cm(44.3oz/in) @4.8v<br> 3.32kg-cm(46.1oz/in) @5.0v
  • Speed
    0.120 sec/60° @ 4.8v<br> 0.115 sec/60° @ 5.0v
  • $42.50


The MKS DS6100 is the latest digital servo from MKS. Once you've tried MKS, you will know you have tried the very best. Never has a servo been so accurate and tight, a servo we've all have been needing for our high performance gliders.
The 6100 is the "new" updated version of the DS450

Dead band: 0.001ms (Default)
Control System: +Pulse Width Control
Working frequencie: 1500μs / 333hz data: 850μs~2150μs
(RX) Required Pulse: 3.0~5.0 Volt Peak to Peak Square Wave
Operating Voltage: 4.8~5.0 V DC Volts
Operating Temperature 5ange: -10 to + 60 Degree C
Operating Speed (4.8V): 0.120 sec/60° degrees at no load
Operating Speed (5V): 0.155 sec/60° degrees at no load
Stall Torque (4.8V): 3.19 (44.3 oz/in)
Stall Torque (5V): 3.32 (46.1 oz/in)
360° Modifiable: YES
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Potentiometer Drive: Direct Drive
Driver Type: FET
Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearings
Gear Type: Chrome-Titanium alloy gear
Programmable: Yes
Connector Wire Length: 15.0 cm (5.9 in)
Dimensions: 22.5X10X23.5 mm (0.89x 0.39x 0.93 in)
Weight: 9.5 g (0.335 oz)

MKS DS6100 -MG Digital Servo
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