MKS HV6130 wing servo

MKS HV6130 wing servo

  • Weight
    0.79oz (22.5g)
  • Dimensions
    1.18 X 0.39 X 1.17in<br>(30 x 10 x 29.8mm)
  • Features
    Dead Band: 0.001 ms (Default)
  • Motor type
  • Bearing Type
    3 Ball bearing + 2 Jewel bearing
  • Torque
    83.3oz-in (6.0kg-cm) @6.0V<br>106oz-in (7.6kg-cm) @7.4V<br> 113oz-in (8.1kg-cm) @8.2V
  • Battery config
    1s, 2s lipo, Life, Nimh 4 or 5 cell
  • Speed
    0.14sec/60deg. @6.0v<br>0.11sec/60deg. @7.4V<br>0.10sec/60deg. @8.2V
  • $84.50

The newest addition to the MKS family of Glider Servos, the HV6130!!

We are proud to announce the release of the HV6130/HV6130H to our range of MKS servos.  SoaringUSA and MKS USA have been very busy testing and testing these fine servos since the end of 2015.  Well "FINAL ANSWER" these are the best servos to date!  With the traditional "perfect" gear train, the best resolution in the marketplace, and this servo is priced right in line with other servos that do not even begin to compare.  These servos can run on 1s, 2s lipos.  They can run on 4 or 5 cell nimh, or Life Packs.  We believe this is the best glider servo in it's class, hands down!

If the servo motor should ever fail, the "Built-in Safe System" prevents a servo short circuit, letting your plane land safely!

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MKS HV6130 wing servo
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