MKS HV75K-R Servo

MKS DS75K-R Precision Metal gear micro servo with side mounting tabs.

  • Weight
    0.264oz (7.5g)
  • Dimensions
    0.91 X 0.35 X 0.66in<br>(23 x 9 x 16.7mm)
  • Features
    Dead Band: 0.001 ms (Default)
  • Motor type
  • Bearing Type
    1 Ball bearing + 1 Oil-retaining bearing + 2 Jewel bearings
  • Torque
    19.4oz-in (1.4kg-cm) @3.7V<br>31.9oz-in (2.3kg-cm) @6.0V<br>38.9oz-in (2.8kg-cm) @7.4V<br> 45.8oz-in (3.3kg-cm) @8.2V
  • Battery config
    1s, 2s lipo, Life,
  • Speed
    0.21sec/60deg. @3.7V<br>0.13sec/60deg. @6.0V<br>0.10sec/60deg. @7.4V<br>0.09sec/60deg. @8.2V
  • $66.99

The MKS HV75K-R is the new micro release from MKS.  For DLG and small F5D's the 75K-R sets the bar.  This servo is the newest HV version of the tested and well recieved MKS DS75.  It now has side tabs for mounting flat in a wing or fuse.

Great choice for DLG, HLG, or F3K

Working  Voltage: 3.7 ~ 8.2 V DC Volts  (for 2S ~ 1S LiPo)
Working  Frequency: 1520μs / 333Hz
Dead Band: 0.001 ms (Default)
Bearing : 1 Ball bearing + 1 Oil-retaining Bearing + 2 Jewel Bearing  
Motor: Coreless Motor
Gear: Metal Alloy Gear
Case: 6061 Aluminum CNC Casing


MKS HV75K-R Servo
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