Concept CX5 F5K

The latest CX F5K from Stream Team Models, the CX5 Electric. A complete redesign over the CX4 and now in a electric version for F5K and sport flying.

  • Wingspan
  • Controls
  • $999.95

Concept CX5 F5K

F5K version has a new, lighter wing between 70-80gr which should result in a possible AUW of min. 220-230gr.
The vertical tail will be removable and the rudder will contain a little ballast chamber at the bottom of the rudder to balance bigger batteries up to 5s. The rudder and elevator servos are placed in the aft part of the fuselage around the TE of the wing. The best part is that they managed to implement the current ballast system with a max. ballast weight of additional 80gr in brass. If you use a tungsten stick, the max. additional weight should be around 120gr. The front of the fuselage is designed to fit motors with a max. diameter of 34mm. That makes it also a candidate for P5B, the Chinese F5K, where they use bigger motors.

Competition Ready

The CX5 F5k is a high end electric model based on a modified CX4 high performance DLG. The CX5 F5K has been optimized for fast climb and easy handling to allow the pilot to use the softest lift with maximal efficiency and the greatest of ease. The CX5 F5K has incredibly flat glide and low sink rate and reacts very well to both camber and ballast.

The CX5 F5K comes with a high level of pre-fabrication to reduce the build time to just a short few hours. The nose of the CX5 F5k is designed to take a wide variety of motors, servos, batteries and receivers. The CX5 F5K supports many servo types such as MKS 75 and 65 and more. Click, mount, and fly your CX5 F5K in just a couple of minutes!

Available Accessories:

  • Cover Set
  • Ballast
  • Servo Frames

Order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this glider.

Recommended Battery: 900mAh 1-cell

Recommended Servos: MKS DS75K

NeuMotor F5K Motor: 1806 F5K

We also carry the sailplane version, Concept CX5 Pro

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