Pike Precision 2 F3F/B

World Champion kinda says it all! New higher aspect ratio, thinner airfoil wing and longer tail boom. New color scheme!

  • Wingspan
    116 in. (2.95m)
  • Wing Area
    919 sq. in. (59.29dm2)
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    56 in. (1.42m)
  • Weight
    77.6 oz (2200g) F3F +2000g ballast
  • Controls
  • Pike Precision 2
    F3F Variant, F3B Variant
  • $2199.95

Pike Precision 2 F3F/B

SoaringUSA is proud to announce a most impressive sailplane from Samba Models: the World Champion Pike Precision 2 F3F/F3B!

The Pike Precision 2 is a completely next-generation airframe (i.e. new wings, fuselage and tails). Higher aspect ratio than the first Precision, thinner airfoil, bit longer tail boom and different opening angle of v-tail.
The plane looks very elegant with the high aspect ratio wings, quite different look in the air than the first Precision with the rather big chord at the root.

The Swedish, Austrian and Czech teams used it very effectively at the world championship, with Bernhard Flixeder becoming world champion with it. So it seems to work well.

F3F and F3B variants are available. Our version of Pike Precision II will include model covers. 

Here is more on the Precision from our friends at Samba! Samba site info. 

Video by Radek Plch

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Pike Precision 2 F3F/B
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