Plane Quiver II-50"

Plane Quiver II, 50 Inch version

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Plane Quiver II-50"

Plane Quiver II has been re-designed to a more traditional style with the same high quality as the original. These bags are designed to protect and transport at least two 3 meter sailplanes with 3 piece wings or any two piece wings less than 100".. They have been designed to be flexible, functional and durable while providing protection for those valuable sailplanes.

Unique Features:

  • Built in Fuse Sock on top of the quiver to eliminate the possibility of dragging the tail fins on the ground during transport.
  • Extra width has been added if you choose to stuff more than the recommended two planes.
  • Storage: You can hang the wings and fuses together.

Plane quiver is one of the strongest bags on the market with lots of added reinforcement to extend the life of the bag while providing maximum protection for the planes. Double stitched and reinforced liners throughout especially in the high stress areas of the bag like the handles and the storage hook. This bag has been carefully engineered to be durable, strong and flexible. The workmanship on these bags are unmatched by any other bag available today.

A unique Fuse Sock has been placed on top of the quiver. This will enable you to transport up to two full sized 3m fuselage safely on one bag. Two nylon synch fasteners have been sewn into the sock and the bag to keep the fuses secure during transport.

High quality 600 Denier Polyester with interwoven PVC laminate fabric will not fade and is totally waterproof and easy to clean. Polyester has proven to be more UV and fade resistant than nylon. Polyester has PVC laminated into the cloth unlike coated nylon which have polyurethane coatings that peel off during use and washing. These bags are very durable and were designed to protect valuable wings during transportation to your flying site or storage.

Reinforced Tubing Handles and Straps: Two Ergonomically placed reinforced tubing handles have been added to make transporting planes easier and more comfortable. Plastic tubes have been added to provided additional comfort for those long walks to the flying site.

A  shoulder strap can be ordered as an option and don't forget to grab some V-Tail socks, we have 4 different sizes to choose from:

10" V-Tail Socks 

12" V-Tail Socks 

13.5" V-Tail Socks

16" V-Tail Socks

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Plane Quiver II-50"
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