Power Pod Competition

Bolt on power pod for your sailplane!

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  • $400.00
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The next generation of Self Launch Systems (SLS) are here.. Thanks to Florian Schambeck, an affordable SLS system is now available..

This unique system can be bolted on to your model, to give you that extra lift you need when mother nature just doesn't seem to understand that you need to fly now!

The systems are not predrilled, so they are a perfect match for any model with bolt on wings. Just line it up, drill the base to match, and off you go! You may have to get a bit more creative on a model that doesn't have a bolt on wing ;-)

The Competition edition includes a CAM 13x7 folding prop, a Lehner motor and planetary gear box, and can handle up to a 140 oz plane on a 3S1P 2100mAh LiPo pack. All up weight will only be about 14 oz for the pod system!

Power Pod Competition
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