Powerline-Micro 1015 Motor

Powerline-Micro 1015 Motor For F5J or F3J Lightweight Sailplanes

  • Weight
    2.75 oz (78 g)
  • Dimensions
    L 60 mm, D 22mm,
  • Motor type
    Inrunner/gearbox (6.75:1)
  • Shaft
  • Watts
    380 W
  • Recommended Battery
    3S 850 mAh 75C LiPo
  • $282.95
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Powerline Micro 1015 F3J & F5J

SoaringUSA has made available the all new Powerline Series Mico Motors for F3J, F5J/ALES Competition Sailplanes. These tiny powerhouse motors will blow the doors off the competition due to significant weight savings. At only 78 grams, no need to have servos in the tail. This new Powerline Micro 1015 inrunner motor and perfectly matched gearbox will produce enough power and efficiency for lightweight F3J or F5J models up to 88 oz (1600 g), and 4 meter span, such as Xplorer, Pike Perfect, Eagle and many others.

On the basis of the tried and tested “Powerline micro 1025”, there is now this new, smaller drive set, which is much lighter. It is ideal for lightweight models of the F5J and F3J class as well as smaller electric sailplanes. 
The Powerline 1015 has been adapted as close as possible to the requirements of class F5J. For this reason, the drive must not be operated for more than 30 seconds at a time in order not to overload. Even after short switch-on intervals, the engine requires some time to cool down again. If you do not use this motor as a purely thermal aid, the Powerline 1025 is a better alternative. 
Technical data:

• Weight 78 grams (no wires)

• Length 60 mm

• Diameter 22 mm

• Shaft diameter 5 mm

• Input power of about 380 W

• 3s Lipo 850~1100mAh

• Recommended propeller: RF 16×8 CFK / RF 16×8.5 CFK / GM 16×8 CFK


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Powerline-Micro 1015 Motor
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