Pulsar Pro 4.0 E Compact

Pulsar PRO 4.0 E Compact (Full House) is designed for ease of transportation as it breaks down to 1-meter length! Features a strong, four-piece carbon/Kevlar reinforced D-box/balsa wing with Oracover. Carbon fuselage. 

  • Wingspan
    157.5 in (4 m)
  • Wing Area
    1411 sq.in (91 dm2)
  • Airfoil
    AG 25 mod.
  • Length
    70.5 in (1.790 m)
  • Weight
    44 oz empty (1240 g)
  • Controls
  • Motor type
    Neutron 707 2y 6.7 or Neu 1105 2.5y 6.7
  • Battery config
    3S LiPo TP1300/1800 70C
  • Channels
    5 req'd
  • $1098.95

Pulsar Pro 4.0 E Compact

This model is specially designed for ease of transportation. Every single part of this model has a length of less than 1 meter.  All this while keeping the same very high flight performance of its predecessor, the Pulsar Pro 4000 E.

The Pulsar Pro 4.0 E Compact is well balanced in more ways than one. She has a generous wing that is extremely light, She also sports removable tail planes to match the 4-piece wing, making transportation a breeze.

The wing is extremely light but very strong, built with a carbon woven cloth D-box leading edge, with carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge. This construction is indifferent to heat, cold, moisture, or rain. Pulsar Pro's wing and control surfaces are not subject to warping, as is usually the case with full balsa model counterparts.  The center panel consists of two parts connected by of a high-strength carbon joiner with a dihedral angle of 2.5 degrees.

The control surfaces are pre-hinged with integral shrouds fitted to the flaps and ailerons thus reducing drag, allowing for very effective crow braking (great way to scrub altitude and speed and nail those spot landings!).

The pod and tail boom fuselage can be taken apart for compact transportation if needed. The fuselage has easily removable canopy for easy access to R/C equipment. 

The Pulsar Pro 4.0 E Compact improves on the success of the Pulsar line of competition models, now with a larger wing, lower wing loading, and the same quality craftsmanship that you have come to expect in the Pulsar series, with the additional feature of compact transportation or shipping ability.

Recommended Control Travel:
  • Elevator     + / - 15 mm
  • Rudder       + /- 35 mm
  • Flap           Full down
  • Ailerons      + 10 mm/ - 6 mm Take off and landing
  •                  + 8 mm/ - 4 mm Glide

Recommended Gear:
Motor: Neutron 707 2y 6.7 (P29) or Neu 1105 2.5y 6.7 (P29)
ESC: Castle Creations Edge Lite 50
Prop:  RFM 15.5 x 10 or RFM 16x10
Spinner: RFM Spinner 38/6mm
Servo: MKS DS6100 all around
Battery: Neu Power 1300mAh 3S 75C LiPo

Note: Due to its highly competitive F5J/ALES performance, this model is not constructed to withstand aerobatics or sudden, high-G  maneuvers.

Video by Paul Naton

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