SoaringUSA is proud to offer a number of exciting electric planes that are sure to raise your heartbeat!

These electric Pylon Racers are a blast. If you are looking to compete in F5D, or SP400 pylon, or just have a fun fast sport model, look here!

In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!




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SKU Product name   Price  
EP-SS-AVI-D17 Avionik D17
  • $599.95
EP-V-FSHP-40 Flash Pylon
  • $229.00
EP-FLB-JIB2-54 Jibe 2 Double Carbon ST F5D
  • $689.95
EP-AY-PLA-51 Plasma II
  • $299.00
EP-X-PCAT-39 Pushy Cat
  • $349.95
EP-ST-PYRO-33 Pyro
  • $329.95
EP-RCC-SWT-55 Swist F5D
  • $599.00
EP-RCC-SWT-55-Flaps Swist F5D Flaps
  • $629.95
EP-RCC-SWTPRO-55 Swist Pro F5D
  • $649.00
EP-RCC-SWTPRO-55-Flaps Swist Pro F5D Flaps
  • $679.00
EP-V-TK-27 Triffik
  • $169.95
EP-ST-VPR-55 Viper F5D
  • $599.00
EP-MU-VDO-33 VooDoo Pylon Racer
  • $239.95