SoaringUSA is proud to offer a number of exciting electric planes that are sure to raise your heartbeat!

These electric Pylon Racers are a blast. If you are looking to compete in F5D, or SP400 pylon, or just have a fun fast sport model, look here!

In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!




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  • This is a fully molded pylon racer designed for the Speed 400 class. Two servos are used in the wing as flaperons, allowing the large range of the speed necessary for start and landing, as well as enabling snap flaps for hard banks!

    • $239.95
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  • The Viper is very fast, very quiet, and tracks like mad! Are you ready for the next level? 

    • $599.00
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  • Introduced to our lineup not very long ago, the Plasma is still cutting edge! Sleek looks, quality construction using glass, carbon, and Kevlar make this a very nice model. We are very impressed with the build quality from the Ukraine on this little rocket!

    • $299.00
  • This is the coolest evolution of Avionik"s "D" Series models for advanced F5D pylon racing, from designer Sergey Sobakin! Extremely pleasant, balanced flight characteristics!

    • $599.95
  • Evolved from the very successful Jibe, the "2" sports a redesigned cross tail, a smaller frontal area, and a redesigned fuselage to accommodate the new LiPo rules for F5D, a slighter larger wing, and spread tow double carbon layup work.

    • $689.95
  • Flash Pylon Racer From Valenta Models
    • $229.00
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  • 39" High Speed Electric Pusher

    • $349.95
  • The ultimate SP 400 model in strength or speed. If you are looking for a super strong, full carbon wing  SP 400 model with no speed limit, here you go!

    • $329.95
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  • The 27in span Triffik is a great sport flyer designed for intermediate to advanced flight, yet stable and well mannered considering it's small size. All hollow molded fiberglass 

    • $169.95