Duo Discus 5.33m SLS Elicker 18

Duo Discus 5.33m with SLS Electric Self Launching System

  • Wingspan
    210in (5.33m)
  • Length
    91in (2.30m)
  • Features
  • $6499.95

Duo Discus 5.33m Scale Sailplane with SLS


The Duo Discus is another high performance 2 seater similar to the DG 1000 in many areas. 

The full scale version has won many competitions and leads the way in safety innovations. The sleek fuse and high aspect wing gives the model a wide speed envelope. The forward swept wings make low speed control extremely stable with gentle stall habits. It will penetrate strong wind conditions with ease and has the energy retention to get great vertical lines off speed passes. On thermal days you'll have no problem working lift. The light wing loading and incredible efficiency will let you hang all day long.

The Duo Discus is of exceptional quality, the composite glass and carbon wings are works of art. The fuse construction is glass with ample amount of carbon throughout for exceptional strength. The canopy is pre-mounted, scale cockpit installed, retract installed and a graphics kit included. This is a scale plane you can get into the air quickly.

The Duo Discus is a perfect fit for almost any intermediate pilot. Aero towing is a dream, it flies itself on tow, and once off the line, has the wings to stay up all day long. But don't be surprised if you find yourself doing speed runs and aerobatics, the airframe can certainly take the G's. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

A variant of this model comes without a self-launching system (SLS) is available CLICK HERE   Elicker SLS-18 info

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Duo Discus 5.33m SLS
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