Alien 1.2m

Designed by Christophe Bourdon and manufactured by OA composites, the Alien is a flying wing slope soaring model that can also be used as a DLG glider.

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Alien 1.2M Slope/DLG, Standard, Multicolor/Carbon 

Designed by Christophe Bourdon and manufactured by OA composites. The Alien is a flying wing slope soaring model that can also be used as a DLG glider. Get the standard version if you are leaning towards slope soaring in moderate conditions and DLG flying. The strong version is recommended if you will be flying primary slope and even moderate DS soaring. 

The Alien is quick to build and has a high level of pre-fabrication. Many 3D printed parts are included with the model. Trays for the wing that fit servos that have a X08H footprint. A08, X08, HS08, X08 plus, and MKS 6120. There is a 3D printed servo mount for the rudder servo which is designed for the KST X06 (vertical mount). A ballast tube is also included, however you must fabricate your own lollipop style ballast that has a 19mm diameter. 

Extensive hardware package with all horns, rudder spring, cable, wire, throwing peg, etc. Consider using a standard rudder pushrod if you are going to build the strong model and fly it with ballast or light DS. CG and elevator neutral positions are very critical with this model! Please read the manual before flight! Download assembly and setup manual here. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.


  • Wingspan: 120 cm 
  • Length: 62 cm 
  • Wing area: 17.1 dm2 
  • Wing loading(starting): 15 g/dm2 
  • Aspect Ration 8.4 
  • Airfoil- 6% proprietary 
  • Dihedral 2.5 degrees 
  • Standard flying weight: 240–250gr 
  • Strong flying weigh weight: 275–290gr 
  • Construction: Rohacell and Carbon 40g/dm2 UHM wings, IMS Carbon fuselage 

Suggested settings- 

  • Useable settings : (+) = up (-) = down 
  • Ailerons : +11 mm -7 mm 
  • Elevator : +3.5 mm -3.50mm 
  • Rudder : +16 mm -16 mm 
  • CG 29.5-30.5 mm from LE 

Elevator neutral positions (IMPORTANT!)- 

  • HIGH SPEED MODE: 0 mm (with dual rates possible ) 
  • SPEED MODE (and DLG ZOOM mode) 0.5mm UP (with dual rates possible ) 
  • CRUISE MODE : 1.5mm UP 
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