Micro Max 1.15m

The MicroMax Pocket F3F is a great new fast slope soarer capable of extreme fun flying. The concept was inspired by Henning Plemo Schmidt, with aero design by Christophe Bourdon. Structural design and implementation is by Anton Ovcharenko so this model is of the highest pedigree. Its inspiration was the lack of high performance small gliders optimized for fast slope flying. 

The Micro Max is 1.15m “45”” wingspan features technology from F3K construction.- Solid core machined rohacell foam cores in the wing and tail sections, bladder molded fuselage. 

 V-tail linkage are simple "L" bends which make removal of the tails a breeze.  Ailerons are "top drive" linkage and horns. 

Recommended servos are MKS 75k for the wing and and MKS 75k for the tails. 

 There is a cutout in the wing saddle of the fuse to allow for ballast. 

 Recommended battery is a 350-1000mah 1S lipo. And a small 4-6 channel receiver. 

  • $648.95


  • Wingspan: 115 cm 
  • Length: 74 cm 
  • Chords: 143mm/125mm/10mm 
  • Wing area: 13.5 dm2 
  • Wing loading: 18,0–38,0 g/dm2 
  • Standard empty weight: 230–250gr 
  • Strong empty weight: 260–280gr 
  • Standard ballasted weight: up to 410–500gr 
  • Strong ballasted weight: up to 440–530gr 
  • Construction: Rohacell and Carbon 40g/dm2 UHM wings, IMS Carbon fuselage 


Suggested settings from Pierre Meunier- 

  • My settings : (+) = up (-) = down 
  • Ailerons : +11 mm -13 mm 
  • Elevator : +5 mm -5mm 
  • Rudder : +4 mm -4 mm 
  • Snap flap +1.5 -3 mm 
  • Flight modes : 
  • Speed : ailerons +0.5 mm 
  • Normal : Ailerons 0 mm 
  • Slow cruise : -2 mm 
  • Thermal : - 4 mm 
  • Airbrakes : -26 mm 

Elevator is trimmed for each flight mode 

CG 64 mm from Leading edge .

Video By: Pierre Meunier

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Micro Max 1.15m
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