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SoaringUSA.com is dedicated to bringing you high performance gliders, electrics, and  accessories at fantastic prices with service that can't be beat. The following is a list of our current specially priced Sales items. See something you like? Buy it now and get a great deal!

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  • F3B competition sailplane that features wing construction techniques which emphasize stiffness and significant weight reduction using a new and very thin Dirk Pflug airfoil!

    • $2449.95
  • An ultralight, electric version of the ever-popular Erwin XL 3-meter. Engineered and designed for thermal duration. Boasts crisp responsive handling characteristics similar to that of a F3K model.

    • $1599.95
  • Next generation DLG from PCM designed and optimized for maximum launch height!

    • $889.95
  • High aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and stiffness! Lighter wing loading for best rate of climb!

    • $2299.00
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  • Highly competitive F3J model with outstanding launch and flight characteristics, and thermal abilities. Made with high-strength CFRP materials. Very robust. Suitable for everyday use.

    • $1599.95
  • If you are after speed with high roll rate and great energy retention, here it is!

    • $2399.95
  • Features an improved wing section from its predecessor, the Perfection. It is lighter, exhibits better penetration, launches incredibly high (see video link below).

    • $2449.95
  • Available in 3 variants: 1100g, 1300g, 1600g !  Plus a V-tail version is also available in any of the 3 layups. (Call) The Pike Dynamic F5J family features a new wing section from its predecessor, the Perfection.

    • $2299.95
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  • New planform, new airfoil, new building techniques, new stab shape and airfoil, all these things ensure even better penetration and tighter circles than achieved by previous models.

    • $1999.95