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  • Ascot is a great multi-task sailplane. It can compete in F3F or F3B equally effectively.

    • $1750.00
  • Competition worthy sailplane with optimised Dirk Pflug airfoil. Goes fast and retains energy in turns. Tolerates heavy ballast. Thermals very well. 

    • $1799.95
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    Ceres F3F is fast, and turns hard! Hundreds of hours of R&D work have produced one of the finest, world class planes available! 

    • $1640.00
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    F3F Needle Carbon: efficient, low drag design with transitioning airfoil. Ballasting capability.

    • $1599.95
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  • Needle 115 sits between the Needle 100 which is an extremely fast F3F competitor in medium to strong conditions and the Needle 124 which has demonstrated to be very competitive in light conditions.


    • $2299.95
  • If you are after speed with high roll rate and great energy retention, here it is!

    • $2399.95
  • This design is cutting edge! Call for availability as there are various layups made.

    • $2199.95
  • World records are made to be broken, and this model was used to best the F3F record time! F3B-type construction.

    • $1499.00
  • Excellent handling characteristics makes this plane an excellent choice! Superior launches, great ranging and thermalling. Its 3pc wing makes it easy to transport. Carbon wing joiners make for a very strong, and light wing

    • $1249.95
  • This is the latest version of the proven Stork line of competition F5J models. This model is strong, and light. The sleek lines, and excellent handling characteristics. Superior climbouts, great range and thermalling  ability.

    • $1599.95
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    150-Inch wingspan, X-tail version of the Stork. A competition F5J Model with great range and thermalling ability. The flaps are capable of 90 degree deployment, for precise spot landings.

    • $1799.95
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