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  • A little over 3 feet of wingspan. A good F5D competition model with a hot drive system, but can be "tamed" down with a good SP400 motor.

    • $449.95
  • Competition worthy sailplane with optimised Dirk Pflug airfoil. Goes fast and retains energy in turns. Tolerates heavy ballast. Thermals very well. 

    • $1799.95
  • F3B competition sailplane that features wing construction techniques which emphasize stiffness and significant weight reduction using a new and very thin Dirk Pflug airfoil!

    • $2449.95
  • Are you looking for something fast? This is it! Even with a low cost Speed 400 - 6V motor you will have speed similar to a 2-meter Hotliner!

    • $209.95
  • Call for availability

    Hot 2-Meter speedster with great all-around performance! Stable and easy to fly!

    • $675.00
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  • The Egida is a culmination of all the successful attributes of previous designs. It is a truly competitive model that leaves its competition behind.

    • $1699.95
  • An ultralight, electric version of the ever-popular Erwin XL 3-meter. Engineered and designed for thermal duration. Boasts crisp responsive handling characteristics similar to that of a F3K model.

    • $1599.95
  • Next generation DLG from PCM designed and optimized for maximum launch height!

    • $889.95
  • Call for availability

    High aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and stiffness! Lighter wing loading for best rate of climb!

    • $2299.00
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  • Iris F5J is a highly competitive F5J model with outstanding launch and flight characteristics, and thermal abilities. Made with high-strength CFRP materials. Very robust. 2.4G friendly.

    • $1599.95
  • Merlin incorporates high performance and quality in an affordable package. Superb handling and resistance to stall.

    • $849.95
  • If you are after speed with high roll rate and great energy retention, here it is!

    • $2399.95
  • Call for availability

    This design is cutting edge! Call for availability as there are various layups made.

    • $2199.95
    Call for availability
  • This is the latest version of the proven Stork line of competition F5J models. This model is strong, and light. The sleek lines, and excellent handling characteristics. Superior climbouts, great range and thermalling  ability.

    • $1599.95
  • Unusual, yes. but also great fun! Designed for aerobatics and self-launching with a unique motor location! 

    • $1899.95