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SoaringUSA.com is dedicated to bringing you high performance gliders, electrics, and  accessories at fantastic prices with service that can't be beat. The following is a list of our current Specially Priced Sales items. Browse the list below, if you see something you like, add it to your CART. You will then see the discounted price displayed in the CART. *The item must be added to your cart to see the discount, otherwise, the regular price is displayed on the product page. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

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Special offers
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  • A highly competitive F3J model with outstanding launch and flight characteristics as well as thermal abilities. Made with high-strength CFRP materials, the Iris is very robust and suitable for everyday use.

    • $1599.95
  • If you are after speed with high roll rate and great energy retention, then the Needle 124 is for you !

    • $2399.95
  • Pike Dynamic F3J C68 features an improved wing section from its predecessor, the Perfection. It is lighter, exhibits better penetration and launches incredibly high.

    • $2449.95
  • Available in 3 variants: 1100g, 1300g, 1600g layups. A V-tail version is also available in any of the 3 layups. (Call of e-mail) The Pike Dynamic F5J family features a new wing section from its predecessor, the Perfection.

    • $2299.95
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  • New planform, new airfoil, new building techniques, new stab shape and airfoil, all these things ensure even better penetration and tighter circles than achieved by previous models.

    • $1999.95
  • Precisely measure control deflections of ailerons, flaps, and tail surfaces

    • $99.95