Fireworks 6

Next generation DLG from PCM designed and optimized for maximum launch height!

  • Wingspan
    57.0 in (1.44m)
  • Wing Area
    318 (20.51 dm2)
  • Wing loading
    3.66 oz/sq.ft. (11.2g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Zone 2
  • Length
    41 in. (10.4dm)
  • Weight
    8.6 oz (243.8g)
  • Controls
  • $889.95

Fireworks 6

The Fireworks 6 has been designed and optimized for launch height. The smaller wing size, and planform make for higher launches which is always the best way to win a contest!  A definite advantage.

  • Lightweight
  • Minimizing yaw inertia which causes the oscillation seen straight after launch. This was done by reducing the wingspan, fuselage weight, and tail weight
  • Increased stiffness
Also in this version:
  • Solid core wing technology, to provide a much tougher and more damage resistant wing, with better longevity and 2x the torsional stiffness of the FW5
  • Asymmetric smaller and thinner fin and rudder, reducing drag and weight
  • Reduced fuselage cross section, reducing drag
  • Improved capability for up to 70 g of ballast, to allow better windy weather and slope performance
The combination of design, solid core wing, new stiff fuse, large ballast capacity and excellent build quality make this model a true contender at any contest!

Video by Norf FPV

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