Fosa Lift

High aspect ratio wing (18.8:1) with strength and stiffness! Lighter wing loading for best rate of climb!

  • Wingspan
    127.6 in. (3.240m)
  • Wing Area
    907 (58.5dm2)
  • Wing loading
    11.75oz/ft2 (35.86g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Dirk Pflug
  • Length
    61.02 in. (1.550m)
  • Weight
    74 oz (2.098kg)
  • Controls
    Ail, Ele, Rud, Flaps
  • Dimensions
    Aspect Ratio 18:1
  • $2299.00
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Fosa Lift

F3B/F3F Competition Model

The Fosa Lift is the latest creation from a long line of champions produced by Jiri Baudis, and is the bigger brother to the Fosa.

The Fosa Lift is like no other, pushing both the limits of design and construction to a whole new level.
It was never thought possible for an F3B/F airframe to have such a high aspect ratio of 18.8 while maintaining stiffness.

This model is revolutionizing the scene by showing us all that the impossible is now possible.

Dirk Pflug again designed the new section to obtain the best launching possible, and still retain the slippery characteristics needed for speed.

The Fosa Lift has a 2.4Ghz friendly nose and nosecone, and the wing is equipped with RDS on the control surfaces, making the linkage tight and slop free linkage, with no exposure outside of the wing (no drag!). The wing connects to the fuselage with Two large Joiners and the wing also has ribs for additional stiffness.

The  Fosa Lift comes complete with RDS linkage, wiring harness, wingbags, 2 ballast sets (wing+fuse), making for a top quality kit!

Video by Chris Adams

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