Pike Perfection F3J

New planform, new airfoil, new building techniques, new stab shape and airfoil, all these things ensure even better penetration and tighter circles than achieved by previous models.

  • Wingspan
    145.6 in. (3.699m)
  • Wing Area
    1177 in.sq. (75.92dm2)
  • Airfoil
  • Length
    68.2 in. (1.773m)
  • Weight
    60-70 oz (1700-2000g)
  • Controls
  • Specification
    Aspect ratio: 17.73:1
  • $1999.95

Pike Perfection F3J

After careful tweaking on the Pike Perfect and getting input of what is needed we have gone a path that has been tested and proven. We released the Pike Precision with 2 piece wing and already it shows that we know how to build strong and light with that concept. The airfoil of the new model is a variation of what all know from the Perfect and the Perfect ET so you can be sure that all conditions are covered but with even more consideration on what is needed to do low altitude soaring after very short launches. So what is the benefit of the new Pike Perfection? The new planform ensures even better penetration and tighter circles than ever.

A new tail ensures extreme power in the elevator with even harder pings off launch and precise turnovers to hit those vital landing points. Lower positioned nose helps in the landings. New shape and airfoils of the tail together with better cross section of the fuse ensures both better strength and lower drag and better penetration.

Fuses and wings are lighter because of the new planform but also new materials in the skin ensures that weight is coming down and centers in the model. This ensures improved circling and especially at low speeds. Tail parts is 1/2 compared to Perfect. Together with ailerons to the end of the tip you get an even more agile model.

Moulds are completely new and we can now use building techniques that was not possible with the old moulds. This ensures not only lighter and stronger parts but also better finish. Stiffness and resistance of parts is stronger thanks to new materials and high pressure production technology. Wing, fuselage, rudder and elevator are full carbon for all versions.

The model is available in many layups, the most popular is the C68 layup, as it is a good all round model, that is strong and light.  We also have Spread tow Lite, and Spread tow standard. Order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this glider.

The model includes;  factory installed wiring harness, wing/fuse bags, and ballast for the wings (820gm).

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Pike Perfection F3J
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