Scale Sailplanes

SoaringUSA offers some of the finest hollow molded scale models for your pleasure! We continue to look for, and evaluate, more of these fine works of art for your soaring pleasure.

In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. 

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!

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  • Totally awesome 5-meter ASG-29E with SLS. Highest quality. The attention to scale details is world class, but she also retains the world champion flight characteristics.

    • $2399.95
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    2-Meter model that is best suited for slope flying and aerotow. Due to its high aspect ratio, the ASW-28 will cover a lot of ground. Very aerobatic!

    • $369.95
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  • This is a top quality 5-meter model, designed to look great, and impress with its sheer size. The detail and fabrication are world class scale competition quality. Aerotow is a dream, but you'll need a pretty good tug.

    • $2279.95
  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly 3-meter scale ship with no compromises, this is the one. The attention to detail is second to none, a work of art!

    • $849.00
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    Very big! 7.3 or 8.8-meter wingspan, both wing tips supplied. Two layups to choose from! Magnificent performance combined with ease of handling for intermediate or expert pilots.

    • $6999.95
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    Diana 2 - Standard or GPS Sport, you choose!

    • $3299.95
  • An aerobatic, 4-meter, all-molded, sailplane in 1:3.75 scale. The wing comes standard with winglets, Schempp-Hirth air brakes, air tow release mechanism, and retractable landing gear.

    • $1899.90
  • Duo Discus 5.33m with SLS

    • $6499.95
  • For almost any intermediate or expert pilot. Aero towing is a dream, and once off the line has the wings to stay up all day long. But don't be surprised if you find yourself doing speed runs and aerobatics!

    • $3999.95
  • Video A 3-meter, 1/5 scale model that is great looking and very strong. A great aerobatic scale glider and a fantastic value This model will do great on the slopes, or with aerotow!

    • $999.95
  • For the cost, this 3-meter, fully aerobatic scale model cannot be beat! Nothing will compare to the size, quality, and flying ability of this model!

    • $1199.95
  • This is a larger 4.4-meter version of the Fox 3.0 above and it, too, is an awesome value and an awesome flier! The fit and finish of this model are superb. 

    • $2499.00
  • This is a true 1:4.8-scale, composite-molded Glasflügel 304, a model of a sailplane which was introduced in the late 1970s. Our model retains all the same great flying properties and versatility of its full-size counterpart.

    • $1399.95
  • A timeless classic sailplane at 3.83-meters wingspan! And this model is a breeze to fly! You will be surprised at how well it penetrates, even without ballast. Features a wide speed envelope and flaps to aid in landings.

    • $1099.95
  • Like its full-size namesake, this 4.5-meter true-scale sailplane is fully aerobatic, flawlessly crafted, and a real kick to fly! Loops, rolls, inverted flight? Piece of cake. Thermalling ability? Awesome!

    • $2499.95
  • Like its full-size namesake, this 3-meter true-scale sailplane is fully aerobatic, flawlessly crafted, and a real kick to fly! Loops, rolls, inverted flight? Piece of cake. Thermalling ability? Awesome!

    • $799.95
  • This BIG 4.5-meter 1:3-scale Salto H101 features a complete cockpit set with great details including a pre-finished instrument panel with great details. Perfect for large slope flying, or aerotow.

    • $1199.00
  • Shark 6-meter, 1:3 scale sailplane equipped with Schempp-Hirth air brakes, an air tow release mechanism and spring folding retractable landing gear. Built strong for extreme aerobatics!

    • $4999.95
  • Very big at slightly over 7-meters span! A true-to-scale stunning model. Four-piece wing with fiberglass-carbon-Herex foam sandwich skins, c/f and f/g fuselage, detailed cockpit!

    • $7499.95
  • A 2.5-meter semi-scale reproduction of the famous champion aerobatic Polish glider. Excels at slope aerobatics.

    • $750.00
  • This big 5-meter Ventus 2ax is a magnificent flier with a polyhedral wing (3 angles) and swept-back taper, winglets (with wheels!), and pre-installed landing gear!

    • $2279.95
  • Just getting into scale? Consider this 4-meter beauty! Easy to get flight-ready, easy to fly, great performance, and state-of-the-art construction.

    • $1199.95
  • This is a highly maneuverable and stable 5-meter ship. Trimmable trailing edge design gives maximum speed range and climb rate. Winglets reduce drag. Molded composite airframe.

    • $2499.95
  • Unusual, yes. but also great fun! Designed for aerobatics and self-launching with a unique motor location! 

    • $1899.95