Ventus 2ax 5M

This big 5-meter Ventus 2ax is a magnificent flier with a polyhedral wing (3 angles) and swept-back taper with winglets (with wheels!) and pre-installed landing gear.

  • Wingspan
    196.85 in. (5m)
  • Wing Area
    1,630 (105dm2)
  • Length
    84.25 in. (2.14m)
  • Weight
    282 oz (7.994kg)
  • $2279.95
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Ventus 2ax 5-Meter 1:3 Scale Sailplane

This huge 5M Ventus 2ax is what you would expect from a 5M class airframe and more. A scale version of the full size racer, this model offers looks and high performance. This is one of those models that just keep looking better the longer you look at it. The wing features a unique wing planform with three polyhedral and winglets. In real life, this is a 18M/15M race machine. and the overall design is optimized for speed, L/D and performance.

The kit comes completely finished, with all of the incredible detail you see here. The wings are hollow molded and the ailerons and flaps are live hinged. The elevator is bolt-on for ease of transportation. The preinstalled scale landing gear will save you hours of building time. With flaps and spoilers, the Ventus is a breeze to slow down on landings.

The overall fit and finish of this model is world class. From the detailed cockpit and scale opening canopy, to the sliding windows and ingenious spar system, this is one of the best scale models you can buy. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

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Ventus 2ax 5M
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