Swift 2.5 Aerobatic Glider

A 2.5-meter semi-scale reproduction of the famous champion aerobatic Polish glider, this cool scale glider excels at slope aerobatics.

  • Wingspan
    98.4 in. (2.5m)
  • Wing Area
    682 sq.in. (44 dm2)
  • Airfoil
    XSB 97 mod. 9%
  • Length
    54.3 in (1.38 m)
  • Weight
    109.4 oz (3.1 Kg) min.
  • Controls
    Ail, Ele, Rud, Flaps, Opt. Tow Release
  • $750.00
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Swift 2.5

This is a semi-scale reproduction of the famous Polish glider of the same name, and it is a multiple champion of numerous aerobatic championships. It is unquestionably the best aerobatics glider in the world, and for this reason it makes an irresistible subject for a model sailplane!

Swift 2.5 is suitable for all pilots wanting maximum fun and precision from an aerobatic model. Thanks to the massive use of reinforcing fibers such as unidirectional carbon in the tail, biaxial carbon in the wing, the Swift 2.5 offers lightness and strength without compromise. Each Swift 2.5 features a steel blade wing joiner and a two-piece molded wing for easy transport.

The Swift 2.5 is also to easy launch. With flaps and ailerons set at full throw, this sailplane has remarkable flying and landing abilities. It’s a perfect model for “all thumbs” and slopes. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Wingspan: 2.54 m (98.4 in)
Length: 1.38 m (54.3 in)
Wing Area: 44 dm2 (682 sq.in)
Flying Weight: 3.1 Kg (109.4 oz)
Controls: Aileron, Flap, Elevator, Flaps, Tow Release (optional)
Wing Airfoil: XSB 97 mod. 9%

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Swift 2.5 Aerobatic Glider
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