Skywalker XL Carbon Strong

Skywalker XL Double Carbon Lite, Skywalker XL Carbon Strong

  • Wingspan
    196.8 in (5 m)
  • Wing Area
    1795 (115.8dm2)
  • Wing loading
    16.5 oz/sq.ft. (50.35g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Dirk Pflug
  • Length
    84.5 in. (2.146m)
  • Weight
    247oz (AUW, 7Kg) 194oz (Empty)
  • Specification
    Aspect Ratio: 21.7
  • Skywalker Variant
    Double Carbon Lite, XL Carbon Strong
  • $2699.00

Skywalker XL Carbon Strong

The Skywalker XL is a five-meter high performance "big brother" to the Skywalker (3.8m). A one-meter center section added to the wing accomplishes this modification. It also features a new molded C/F fuselage. The Skywalker XL was developed primarily to meet the specifications and class performance needs of Sport Class GPS Triangle racing; an electric power event. However, it comes from the Czech factory with a sailplane's nose. Stock from the box, it is a high performance, unlimited class AMA thermal duration or F3J  sailplane. 
Skywalker XL (Carbon Strong variant) is also a serious slope machine, fully ballasted at 10 kilos (352oz) it is ready for some smokin' hot passes! Drop all those flaps, and landings become pretty tame!
With minor modification (i.e. cutting off the nose to match a spinner), either Skywalker XL variant can be converted to electric. Carbon Strong for sport flying, Double Carbon Lite for GPS Triangle! Talk about the possibilities!
Soaring USA carries two versions of the XL:
Carbon Strong (best for Slope or Sport Electric):
  • Skin Laminates: 50g glass / 160g carbon / herex / 50g glass 
  • Spar: herex / carboncomposite 
  • Weight 6700g
Double Carbon Light (best for GPS)
  • Skin laminates: 25g glass / 80g carbon / herex / 80g carbon 
  • Spar: kevlar honeycomb / carbon composite 
  • Weight 6500g
Both versions have a built-in ballast chamber in wing center section.
The tail requires two micro servos. The wing requires a total of 8 micro servos (4 per side). All control surfaces are actuated by LDS (linear drive system) except the rudder which is actuated by RDS (radial drive system).

Recommended flap servo: (2) MKS HV6130

Recommended aileron servo: (2) MKS HV6110

Video by MG-Wohlen (Skywalker XL modified for electrric) CLICK HERE


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