Slope Aerobatics

This select group of highly aerobatic models are perfect for exploring advanced flight maneuvers. We offer both scale or non-scale models in a variety of spans. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices. 

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  • From Italy to you, this is a highly aerobatic sport sailplane designed with a thin (9>8% thick) airfoil section which excels in lighter slope or thermal lift conditions. Can be modified for electric power. Two layup options available.

    • $1199.95
  • The MicroMax 1.15 is now available in a Electric Version.

    • $648.95
  • An excellent multi-purpose 4-meter sailplane that will exceed your expectations. Thermal it, slope soar it, compete with it. Scale-like in appearance, the Finesse Max 4.0m is highly aerobatic and a great choice for an all around sailplane.

    • $1799.95
  • Now at Soaring USA all the way from Fermo, Italy, comes this beautiful, highly aerobatic, “MDM-1 Fox-like” 3-meter sloper that we know will impress!

    • $1099.95
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  • The Micro Max 1.15m is a great new fast slope soarer capable of extreme fun flying.

    • $648.95
  • The NRJ is a new DLG F3K competition model built by OA Composites (Anton Ovcharenko and his team) from Ukraine. Designed by Christophe Bourdon from France. 

    • $747.95
  • Available in 2 layup options, this is a 2.9m (114in) super strong, heavy slope aerobatic model. It rips in BIG AIR, and will fly in the light stuff too.

    • $999.95
  • A 2.5-meter semi-scale reproduction of the famous champion aerobatic Polish glider, this cool scale glider excels at slope aerobatics.

    • $750.00
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  • The Vettore 4.0 is an excellent multi-purpose 4-meter sailplane from Fermo, Italy that will exceed your expectations! Thermal it, slope soar it, compete with it. Scale-like in appearance, it's super aerobatic and a great choice for an all-arounder.

    • $1499.95
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  • With beautiful and graceful lines, the Volcano fills the gap between sport and scale flying and is also a perfect candidate for aero towing. 

    • $799.00