Slope Aerobatics

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  • From Italy to you, this is a highly aerobatic sport sailplane designed with a thin (9>8% thick) airfoil section which excels in lighter slope or thermal lift conditions. Can be modified for electric power. Two layup options.

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  • An excellent multi-purpose 4-meter sailplane, that exceeds your expectations! Thermal it, slope soar it, compete with it! Scale-like in appearance, it's aerobatic and a great choice!

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  • Now at Soaring USA all the way from Fermo, Italy, comes this beautiful, highly aerobatic, “MDM-1 Fox-like” 3-meter sloper that we know will impress!

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  • The MicroMax Pocket F3F is a great new fast slope soarer capable of extreme fun flying. The concept was inspired by Henning Plemo Schmidt, with aero design by Christophe Bourdon. Structural design and implementation is by Anton Ovcharenko so this model is of the highest pedigree. Its inspiration was the lack of high performance small gliders optimized for fast slope flying. 

    The Micro Max is 1.15m “45”” wingspan features technology from F3K construction.- Solid core machined rohacell foam cores in the wing and tail sections, bladder molded fuselage. 

     V-tail linkage are simple "L" bends which make removal of the tails a breeze.  Ailerons are "top drive" linkage and horns. 

    Recommended servos are MKS 75k for the wing and and MKS 75k for the tails. 

     There is a cutout in the wing saddle of the fuse to allow for ballast. 

     Recommended battery is a 350-1000mah 1S lipo. And a small 4-6 channel receiver. 

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  • The NRJ is a new DLG F3K competition model, built by OA Composites, (Anton Ovcharenko and his team), from Ukraine, designed by Christophe Bourdon from France. 

    Reaching the excellence in a DLG concept is for our actual times very difficult if one wants to be original and durable on this sensible market. Our goal was to put in the project all the best choices for aerodynamics, for handling, flight abilities using the actual best technology and building skills. There is more to discover yet, but for now, here is a bird that we are proud to present :

The NRJ F3K 

Its characteristics are :
19 dm², Aspect ratio of 11.9 , 150mm root chord and an average chord of 130mm, which allows a good cruise speed and a a good L/D. The main difficulty about this type of design is to keep the wing performance at slow speed and High AOA. The wing has been developed specifically to address this issue. 

The airfoil series is going from 6% to 5.2%, keeping a reasonable camber and a good elliptical lift management along the wingspan ( without tip twisting ) .

    Chris made the choice to keep good acceleration characteristics and the average momentum of wing reasonably low and smooth to give to the model an easy speed-changing and a global ease, very appreciated in uncertain flight situations.

The good dyhedral allows small inputs on the radio sticks to keep the circle while thermalling , with the minimum drag.
The special tip shapes are wanted to mark a different style during flight and to make the model more recognizable.
Launch abilities are up in the modern ranking, our small 4 in nose thin fuselage will help in low drag and speed flight modes.

The RTF weight would start from 190 gr for light version , giving the possibilities of great minimum sink rate flights, 210 gr for the standard version, (Textreme 60gr!!) and to something like 230 gr for the strongest layup.
The NRJ is a very “hands off” flying aircraft, with excellent L/D, and exceptional stability at lower speeds. 

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  • Available in 2 layup options, this is a 2.9m (114in) super strong, heavy slope aerobatic model. It rips in BIG AIR, and will fly in the light stuff too.

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  • A 2.5-meter semi-scale reproduction of the famous champion aerobatic Polish glider. Excels at slope aerobatics.

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  • An excellent multi-purpose 4-meter sailplane from Fermo, Italy, that exceeds your expectations! Thermal it, slope soar it, compete with it! Scale-like in appearance, it's aerobatic and a great choice!

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  • The Volcano fills in the gaps between sport and scale flying. Also also a perfect candidate for aero towing. Beautiful and graceful "lines" too!

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