Vettore 4.0

The Vettore 4.0 is an excellent multi-purpose 4-meter sailplane from Fermo, Italy that will exceed your expectations! Thermal it, slope soar it, compete with it. Scale-like in appearance, it's super aerobatic and a great choice for an all-arounder.

  • Wingspan
    157.5 in. (4m)
  • Wing loading
    18 oz/sq.ft (55 g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    8% thick
  • Weight
    190 oz (12 lbs, or 5.4kg)
  • Controls
    R, E, F, A
  • $1499.95
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Vettore 4.0 Glass OD

The Vettore made its grand appearance at the International Meeting at Monte Cucco in 2018 and also at Segelflugmesse 2018. It was was a great success and surprised all the participants with its fantastic thermal and acrobatic performance.

Named “Vettore” after a wonderful Italian mountain that is a favorite slope soaring site among European pilots and that was hit by the latest earthquakes in central Italy. The Vettore by Voloinpendio is a easy-to-fly sailplane for thermal or aerobatic flight. It is made by Voloinpendio staff and in co-operation with Giuseppe Ghisleri who developed the wing profile. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

The OD version presented here by Soaring USA features: 

  • WINGS: painted in the mold fiberglass skins with carbon reinforcement and a carbon fiber spar
  • HINGING: aileron hinged on top, flap hinged on bottom
  • WING PROFILE: 8% thick wing profile developed by Giuseppe Ghisleri 
  • FUSELAGE: painted in the mold fiberglass with a layer of Kevlar for durability
  • WING JOINER: all carbon, cross-section is 40 X 16 mm 
  • TAILPLANE: painted in the mold fiberglass + carbon reinforced
  • RUDDER: painted in the mold fiberglass + carbon reinforced fiberglass + carbon reinforced
  • CANOPY: molded PVC
  • COCKPIT: painted in the mold fiberglass + carbon reinforced fiberglass
  • RTF WEIGHT: 190 oz (12 lbs, or 5.4kg)

We here at Soaring USA have fallen in love with this sleek sailplane and are convinced you will also love it too. Also availible in full carbon.

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Vettore 4.0
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