Sport Electrics

SoaringUSA offers a number of electric planes with a wide range of performance and capability, but are generally described as Sport Electrics. 

We carry spare parts and select accessories for a majority of these models.

Service is our hallmark.  Let us prove it!

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  • Pulsar PRO 4.0 E Compact (Full House) is designed for ease of transportation as it breaks down to 1-meter length! Features a strong, four-piece carbon/Kevlar reinforced D-box/balsa wing with Oracover. Carbon fuselage. 

    • $1098.95
  • 39" High Speed Electric Pusher

    • $349.95
  • The ultimate SP 400 model in strength or speed. If you are looking for a super strong, full carbon wing  SP 400 model with no speed limit, here you go!

    • $329.95
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  • A beginners plane that is plug-n-play simple and hard to break if crashed. At only 28.7-inch wingspan, you can leave it setup in your car for lunchtime flying!

    • $89.95
  • Optimized for top-level competition F5B. All the servos and linkages are preinstalled. The profile used on the wing is very thin. The elevator servo is located as far back as possible in the tail boom.

    • $1599.00
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  • Good penetration and gliding performance! It is a very elegant and beautiful glider with outstanding aesthetic design. Highlights of this version are the redesigned wingtip with modified airfoil, and the wingspan of 149.6 inches (3.80 meters). 

    • $1799.95
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  • This model can be built out at under 600gm (22oz), and with 91-inch wingspan, it will float and land like nothing else. But the optimized airfoil makes it a model that can run to the next thermal, or work very well in the wind!

    • $769.95
  • Simply put, the Sharon 3700 E is an award winner. Her non-powered sister Sharons have been placing high in the F3J competitions for years and are probably the most winning F3J planes ever! Top quality workmanship!

    • $1199.95
  • Simply put, the Sharon 4200 E is an award winner. Her non-powered sister Sharons have been placing high in the F3J competitions for years and are probably the most winning F3J planes ever! Top quality workmanship!

    • $1299.95
  • How should a first-timer on a budget get started? Well, here is a great answer: the Sky Sergio 2!  Perfect choice! And it comes apart for compact and easy transportation!

    • $329.95
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  • A sleek, sexy-lookin' 3.8-meter wingspan, well designed and beautifully built electric sailplane! Great for aerobatics!

    • $1799.95
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  • Woah! 5-Meters of wingspan! Another sleek, sexy-lookin' well designed and beautifully built electric sailplane from Baudis Models! Great for trying your hand at Sport Class GPS Triangle racing!

    • $2699.00
  • Wing construction is built-up with hefty carbon spars and carbon leading edges beautifully covered in Oracover. Molded fiberglass fuselage is roomy!

    • $349.95
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  • A very fast 2.2-meter bird! Highly prefabricated. 2-Piece wing with carbon joiner. The V-tail is in two parts and is mounted on carbon joiners bonded to the fuselage. 

    • $824.95
  • The 4-meter Thermik XL-E is an all-molded fiberglass competition class sailplane designed for F5B/F. This plane is VERY large, remarkably stiff, with outstanding handling characteristics. At over 13 feet wingspan, the Thermik XL-E is probably the "best dollars per inch deal" in our whole inventory!

    • $899.00
  • The Success of the 4M Thermik XL led to the creation of an even LARGER model... The XXXLe! The HUGE glider spans 5M!

    • $1599.95
  • The 27in span Triffik is a great sport flyer designed for intermediate to advanced flight, yet stable and well mannered considering it's small size. All hollow molded fiberglass 

    • $169.95
  • All new design, optimized specifically for F5J: new 3-pc wing, 2-pc fuselage with ability to quick-change the nose,  and removable tails. Easy to transport! A winner all around! We also have bags and ballast for an additional charge.

    NOW Available in a V-Tail version. 4.0, 3.8, 3.65, Light, Standard or Strong.

    Joiner Sets: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 Available.

    • $2409.95
  • The Viper is very fast, very quiet, and tracks like mad! Are you ready for the next level? 

    • $599.00
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  • The Volcano Electric fills the gap between sport and scale flying. Who can deny the beauty of this model? (Non-powered version pictured here)

    • $799.00
  • This is a fully molded pylon racer designed for the Speed 400 class. Two servos are used in the wing as flaperons, allowing the large range of the speed necessary for start and landing, as well as enabling snap flaps for hard banks!

    • $239.95
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  • Based on a modified Vortex 3 DLG, the Vortex 3 F5k has been optimized for electric flight! It has an incredibly flat glide and low sink rate. Reacts very well to both camber and ballast.

    • $949.95
  • Specifically designed for competition level F5B, the Weasel is a very fast, low drag, stiff and strong 2-meter model, with amazing handling. Accelerates well and turns great! All hollow molded with carbon reinforced one piece wing and Kevlar reinforced fuse!

    • $425.00
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  • With this proven planform, the X-Calibur offers exceptional performance and speed range. The huge control surfaces provide incredible aerobatic control, making this plane an absolute joy to cruise the skies and truly defines the term "soaring".

    • $849.95
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  • For advanced pilots, the X-Ray 2M design has been optimized for speed and graceful aerobatics. It is best suited for experienced pilots. In their hands, it will deliver all the excitement they might desire.

    • $369.00
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  • The New Xplorer 2 F5J  has been specifically designed around F5J, ALES or any other type of electric glider competition. It has the same wing design and profile as the two times F3J World Championship winning Xplorer. A new fuselage design has further reduced drag and weight. A massive weight saving has been made by reducing the amount of materials used to construct the model. 

    • $1899.95
  • Xplorer GPS V-tail 4.0-meter. Simply the best for F5J or relaxing Sunday fun flying! Optimized for “GPS-Triangle-racing.”

    It's 2.4 nose is good for telemetry and the extra ballast tubes in the wing get a big auw!

    • $2199.95
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  • HOT! The Zefiros is an easy to assemble, 4.0-meter span, all carbon, hollow-molded electric sailplane that will deliver great sport-flying fun, and just look great at the flying field.

    • $999.95
  • The Zoom is a beautifully built hotliner from the same mfr. as the acclaimed Trinity and Banana sailplanes. Featuring a thinned MG06 airfoil with a very strong one piece 1.8M wing with carbon spar. The Zoom certainly lives up to it's name!

    • $485.00
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Items: 5179 of 79, per page