Pushy Cat

39" High Speed Electric Pusher

  • Wingspan
    39 in
  • Wing Area
    211 sq in
  • Wing loading
    10.8 oz / sq in (empty)
  • Airfoil
    SN26 Mod
  • Length
    27 in
  • Weight
    16 oz
  • $349.95

The  Pushy Cat  is an exciting addition to the great lineup from X-Models. Modeled after the extremely successful full scale version with over 20 Reno Air wins, this package is a guaranteed winner!

The  Pushy Cat features an super strong wing, and Carbon/Kevlar fuselage for a very sound platform that will handle anything you can throw at it. While the airframe has no bad habits, (in fact, it is rather mild mannered for such a speed demon) we have to defer to the manufacturer when judging the skills necessary for such a plane:

We are also looking at this plane as a potential PSS plane.. It is a little on the light side, but the structure is ready to take as much lead as you can throw at it!

When you are ready, the build manual can be downloaded  here!

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Pushy Cat
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