Vixen is a cooperative effort between World Champion Daryl Perkins, Jiri Baudis, and SoaringUSA.  We are proud to be the North American distributor of the Vixen!

  • Wingspan
    144 in. (3.68m)
  • Wing Area
    1169 (75.42dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Proprietary ( modified JW section transitioning to modified Drela sections)
  • Length
    68 in. (1.72m)
  • Weight
    66-70 oz AUW (1.871-1.984kg)
  • $1899.95


The Vixen is a cooperative effort between Daryl Perkins, Jiri Baudis, and SoaringUSA. This model has been in works for some time now, and is in production! We are proud to be the North American distributor of the Vixen!

The kit by Baudis is complete with premium wing bags, ballast set, and wiring harness components. Top quality from one of the very best builders in the world.
Here is what 5 time world champion Daryl Perkins has to say about the design philosophy of the Vixen:
"The Vixen was designed by Daryl Perkins as a no compromise F3J model. Everything about the Vixen was well thought out for the task. It was designed to be easy to build light, and to keep the weight out of the extremities - note the V-Tail and two piece wing. There is no joiner box structure or joiner weight at half span which reduces weight out at the tips. The airfoil section choices are designed to have a wide speed range, pull hard on tow, and slow down well for a slow controlled approach. 
"Many of you will question the six servo wing - it must be flown to be believed! The control surfaces are quite short, enabling the use of very small and light servos and less prone to twist or flutter. The largest benefits here are in the landing circle and the ability to slow down, controllably, and work the clock for that last 10th of a second. F3J contests are won on tow, and in the LZ. The Vixen is optimized for both."
  • CG: 110-112mm from LE
  • Towhook: directly below that
  • Cruise: line up the aileron at the tip
  • Thermal: +3 degrees 
  • Reflex/Speed -1 to -2 degrees.
  •   -2 degrees for Zoom
  • Launch: +15 degrees (ish)

Mike Smith wins World Soaring Masters Flying VIXEN!

Here is what Mike said about the comp...
"I thoroughly enjoyed flying the Vixen in all that Muncie had to offer. I ran 40% of the available ballast in the crazy conditions where wind and lift were happening, and 20% for the active and moderately windy weather where sink had to be flown through quickly.
"The masters is not a contest where you optimize launch. Breaking lines hurts you since you only get one for the contest. The rest you have to fly out. Pop off and you are likely really hurting unless you luck into a low level thermal you can climb out in. So, I made dang sure that when on the line it went straight and had no tendency to get squirrely at all. 'Just get a launch' was the mantra for the weekend. Optimization is for J and B, not TD off of braided, especially in the wind. That said, I did get it to launch quite high compared to the pack. Always sitting as high or a tad higher than the others.
"The minimum sink and best L/D performance is outstanding and easily as good as the best gliders out there. Maybe there is a slight advantage in min sink to those flying the 60oz Maxas or ‘Sploders, but that would take laboratory conditions to determine. I never felt disadvantaged at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I had so much confidence in the glider that my only real issue was figuring out what the crazy conditions were trying to tell me as the Vixen slid around up there.
"Thanks again to to Bob, DP and Jiri for producing such a sexy glider that flies as good as she looks!"

Suggested Accessories:

Servos: MKS HV6100 MG six are needed

Servo Frames: Servo Frames for DS6100 servos with bearings (pair), order one pair

Video by MrJome80

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