Whisper 2M Sailplane with Flaps

Whisper 2M Sailplane- A beautiful sailplane, easy to fly, and build.

  • Wingspan
  • Wing Area
    38dmq/589 sq. in.
  • Airfoil
    SD 7037 mod.
  • Length
  • Weight
  • Controls
    Ail,V-tail, Flaps
  • Battery config
    1650 Nimh Square pack
  • $429.95
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Whisper 2M Sailplane with Flaps

The Whisper 2M Sailplane has been a best seller for many years in the US and Europe. Extremely nice workmanship has gone into this model. Top of line of the entire Blade family of products for quality and fit and finish. Easy to fly, and very easy to build, a terrific value!

With it's 2 piece wing design, the Whisper is an extremely versatile aircraft. Use the pre-installed tow hook and light wing loading to launch into thermals all day long, from either a bungie or a winch (those molded wings are stout!), or ballast up and head for the slope for an afternoon of smiles. Thanks to the generously sized flaps, you can land the Whisper just about anywhere. This is the ideal model if you only want one model to do it all.

The Whisper features all hollow molded wing and tail construction, with carbon spar reinforcement. The fuse is fiberglass with carbon fiber reinforcement down the entire length of it, ending in a plug-in 2 piece V-tail for easy transport. The nose cone is cleverly molded on an angle, and the nose tray is pre-shaped for your radio gear. It even has the pushrods pre-installed! Also pre-installed is a sturdy tow hook for bungee or winch launching.

Thanks to the widely acclaimed SD7037 airfoil, this model will fly in the lightest conditions, and will surprise you with great aerobatics and the ability to gain speed to cruise between thermals or when coming down from high up in slope lift.

For purists, the Whisper is also available without flaps:  Whisper 2M - ailerons 

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Whisper 2M Sailplane with Flaps
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