Portachiavi 3D Deflection Meter

Precisely measure control deflections of ailerons, flaps, and tail surfaces! Sensitive to 0.1mm movement!

  • Measures:
    Control surface deflection
  • Sensitivity:
    0.1~0.2 mm of deflection
  • Zero Angle:
    Set and reset
  • Screen type:
  • $99.95

Portachiavi Deflection Meter

The Portachiavi Deflection Meter is a precision measuring device that is so accurate, you will see the slightest anomalies caused by servo vibration, gear lash or linkage slop (if any)! 

Deflection can be measured in millimeters (whole) or in millimeters with tenths of millimeters, or in angular deflection. 

The sensor mounts to the surface to be measured with tape. 

There is a cable which connects the sensor to the OLED display (organic light-emitting diode).

The "zero" angle can be reset after taking a reading so that multiple readings are achievable as you might need for different thermal, cruise, or speed flap settings, or bank-and-yank pylon turns.

Works using 9V battery (included). 

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Portachiavi 3D Deflection Meter
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