SoaringUSA  offers a wide range of Unlimited Class (above 100" wingspan) Sailplanes for a multitude of tasks and purposes.  All of these products are hand picked and are outstanding fliers sure to please pilots of all skill levels. In addition to hand picking quality planes from all over the world, SoaringUSA maintains replacement parts for the vast majority of our products. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right glider and equipment choices.

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  • The Baudis Antares 20 6.6M glider is a highly prefabricated top quality high performance scale glider. A great choice for Alpine thermaling, Aero Tow or GPS Triangle Racing.

    • $5995.00
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  • The Antares 20 6.6m Double Carbon is a highly prefabricated top quality high performance scale glider that now has a SLS System added. A great choice for Alpine thermaling, Aero Tow or GPS Triangle Racing, or the ultimate soaring experience.

    • $8550.00
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  • The ASW-22 1:3 2X Carbon can fly with a 7.3 or 8.8-meter wingspan as both wing tips are supplied. You have two layup strengths to choose from as well. Magnificent performance combined with ease of handling is perfect for intermediate or expert scale pilots.

    • $6999.95
  • The Diana 2 is a 1:3 scale model of a state of the art racing sailplane. It has been designed for GPS-triangle competition with the latest technology for aerodynamic performance and for structural stiffness and strength. Each Diana 2 is made using 100% molded technology.

    • $3299.95
  • The Eldorado F3B/F3F utilizes an ingenious flap and aileron system moving the servos directly into the root of the wing for incredibly quick turns.  

    • $1799.95
  • New planform, new airfoil, new building techniques, new stab shape and airfoil, all these things ensure even better penetration and tighter circles than achieved by previous models.

    • $1999.95
  • The new Shadow has been called invincible for F3J competition.... And with a lineup of major contest wins, it may be true!

    • $1399.95
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  • Skywalker XL Double Carbon Lite, Skywalker XL Carbon Strong

    • $2699.00
  • The Skywalker XL Electric Carbon Strong is another sleek, sexy-lookin' well designed and beautifully built 5 meter span electric sailplane from Baudis Models. Great for trying your hand at Sport Class GPS Triangle racing or blasting holes in the sky.

    • $2699.00
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  • With flawless construction, innovative details, STRONG carbon skins and heavily reinforced fuse all add up to a very high performance slope racer or for multi-task F3B.

    • $1050.00
  • With a span of 13 feet, this magnificent glider makes getting around the course or hitting your target time as simple as possible.

    • $899.00
  • Designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines the Vampire comes fully pre-wired.

    • $2099.95
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  • With beautiful and graceful lines, the Volcano fills the gap between sport and scale flying and is also a perfect candidate for aero towing. 

    • $799.00