Vampire F3B

Designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines. Fully pre-wired!

  • Wingspan
    119 in. (3.022m)
  • Wing Area
    930 (59.99dm2)
  • Wing loading
    11.77 oz/sq.ft. (35.92g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
    DP special
  • Length
    60 in. (1.530m)
  • Weight
    76 oz. (2.154kg)
  • Controls
  • $2099.95
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Vampire F3B

We offer you the exciting F3B-model, "Vampire," from the production line of Zdenek Jesina & Son. This model was designed and constructed using the latest 3D CAD software and high precision CNC machines. Previously, extensive resistance analysis was done with specialized software solutions for the entire model. Thus, the geometric shape and the cross section of the hull are the results of the strength analysis and ensure high rigidity. Thanks to the constructive solutions found, the model is very stable under the action of dynamic forces in flight, especially torsional and bending loads. The geometry of the two-piece wing ensures optimum handling characteristics and has been using experienced F3B pilots developed.

The Vampire comes std in a full carbon wing Lay-up. Has a huge joiner, the dihedral is in the joiner, wing is flat. The ballast slugs fit into the wing. A huge 1.6kgs of ballast slugs it comes with the model!

The Vampire also is fully pre-wired which makes building a breeze and comes with a set of custom wing bags.

The fuse is carbon with a 2.4 friendly nose, very light, and very, very stiff and strong. We are using JR 3421's in the fuse for precise control of the tail surfaces. No problem with a very well thought out fuse layout, no "nightmares" like some of the newer models!

The 2pc Vtail comes with linkage attached and easy plug in, strong carbon rods, very clean! This kit comes very complete, with servos frames with custom ball bearings, no slop engineering!

She has already been performing with the top models with some great results!

Among the outstanding flight characteristics contribute in particular the profiles of the latest generation of Dirk Pflug. Uncompromisingly designed for performance, the Vampires believe in all disciplines with outstanding performance F3B: Although ultimately fast, has the Vampire is a very easy handling and achieves a very high thermal performance. In the discipline of "Launching" the vampire is like a "bloodthirsty bat in search of victims." This ability - speed, distance and thermals so convincingly to bind together, coupled with very harmonious flying characteristics - makes the vampires not only for the F3B scene interesting, but especially for the ambitious amateur pilots of something "more" is looking at performance. The new quality and performance levels are the result of 20 years experience in the manufacture of fiberglass models.

There are three lay-up options for the Vampire.
 - Std Carbon
 - Double Carbon F3B (call for availability)
 - Double Carbon F3F (call for availability)

Video by Philippe G.

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