Windex 1200C 4M

Unusual, yes. but also great fun! Designed for aerobatics and self-launching with a unique motor location! 

  • Wingspan
    4 M (157")
  • Weight
    235 oz
  • Controls
  • $1899.95

Windex 1200C

4-Meter, 1:3-Scale Model

Known as the "world's fastest self-launching sailplane," the Windex 1200C is a very attractive, powered, aerobatic sailplane. Its 24hp engine is mounted on the fin. Steve Coan has won many aerobatic sailplane and powered aircraft awards, and he flies the Windex at air shows. With a wingspan of just under 40 feet, the Windex has a cruise speed of 124mph, making it a pretty efficient sailplane.

We are proud to bring you this model in 1/3 scale, spanning 4 meters, all molded of exceptional quality, canopy hinged, cockpit, rudder mounted, stab mounted, graphics installed, wheels installed, large hollow carbon joiner, and very very light weight.

Take a moment to check out Doug Brandt's Windex in this  Video! (download, then play)

Don't want to power it? Aerotow is a dream too. It is very mild mannered on tow, but puts on one heck of a show on the way down and with it's light wing loading, it's also been known to catch a few thermals.

Airframe Features:

  • High Gloss Painted Fiberglass fuselage
  • Two-pieces molded wing (STRONG!)
  • Wing joiner located in the middle of carbon spar
  • Wing joiner system supported by carbon layup and fiberglass in the fuse.
  • Ailerons and spoilers
  • Clear canopy
  • High quality painted in mold finish
  • Scale Cockpit
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Scale Fixed landing gear

Radio requirements:

  • We recommend at least a 3300 Mah 5 cell pack for all the servos.
  • 4 x HS-225MG (or similar torque servo)
  • 2 x HS-645MG (or similar torque servo)
  • One of many motor setups: 24 Cell 1700 NiCd and Mega Motor RC 41/30/15

Video by jetpilot72

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Windex 1200C 4M
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