X-Ray 75" Hotliner

For advanced pilots, the X-Ray 2M design has been optimized for speed and graceful aerobatics. It is best suited for experienced pilots and will deliver all the excitement you might desire.

  • Wingspan
    75" (2 meters)
  • Wing Area
    458 sq.in
  • Wing loading
    34 g/dm2 (+/-)
  • Airfoil
    RG 15 Mod (7% thinned)
  • Length
  • Weight
    From 70 oz (1900g ) RTF
  • Controls
    Ail/Rud/Elev (V-tail)
  • Features
    Strong two piece carbon reinforced fiberglass wing (available in all carbon on request - Est. 30 day ship time)
  • Battery config
    24-3300mah, 8-12 cells
  • Specification
    Aveox F-10 to F-12
  • $369.00
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Call for availability

X-Ray 75" Hotliner

Clearly, the X-Ray 2M design has been optimized for speed and graceful aerobatics. It's a hotliner!

It has a low sink rate when flown fast, and it will stay aloft well as long after the motor's batteries are drained. It can strike out toward the horizon in search of a thermal, yet make it back to the field if none is found. Even when circling within a thermal, the model should still fly at a speed that is higher than that of a typical F5J-type model.

While the X-Ray is an excellent airplane, modelers shopping for a hotliner should know that it is best suited to experienced pilots. In their hands, it will deliver all the excitement they might desire.

Kit Contents
This kit is incredibly prefabricated, and is of very high quality. All airframe components are pre-painted, hollow molded fiberglass/carbon fiber-reinforced skins. The ailerons are pre-cut, and the skin's glass cloth provides a full-length gapless, living hinge. The servo access openings are cut away, and vacuum-formed plastic covers are provided as part of the accessory package. The same process makes the V-tail, and the halves are pre-joined. This subassembly is nearly ready to bolt to the fuselage's boom.

The fuselage is molded fiberglass. Full-length carbon fiber reinforcement strips have been molded into the top and bottom. The motor mounting ring has been glassed in. The canopy and wing saddle access openings have been neatly cut away. The wing hold-down nuts have been installed into a plywood cross member. The fiberglass canopy sets onto the hatch opening, and is retained by a long piece of wire.

The kit comes with carbon fiber pushrods that use threaded rod ends (which are included). The hardware bag contains aileron horns and V-tail ball links, plus the required steel metric screws for wing and tail mounting. Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

X-Ray 75" Hotliner
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