CHAServo HV3512

HV3512 Retract Servo

  • $138.90

HV3512 Retract

The super fast and torque HV3512 Retract Servo are a good choice for large scale aircraft with a retract.


  • Voltage Range: DC 6.0V-8.4V
  • Stalling Torque: (30kg-cm 6.0v) (35kg-cm 7.4v) (40kg-cm 8.4v)
  • No-load Speed: (6.0v 0.14) (7.4v 0.12) (8.4v 0.11)
  • Working Frequency: 1520us/333Hz, 900-2100us
  • Case Material: Aluminum Alloy 
  • Motor Type: 4-Pole Brushless
  • Gear Set Material: Hardened Steel 
  • Position Sensor: Potentiometer
  • Ball Bearing: 2BB 
  • Case Dimensions: 40.5x20x23.1mm 
  • Weight: 55g
CHAServo HV3512
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