CN Spinner 25/3mm

Light and strong, CN's F5K spinners are designed for motor with 3mm shafts.

  • $28.95

CN Spinner with collet 25/3mm For F5K

Light and strong, the CN F5K spinners are designed for motors with 3mm shafts. The special shape of the hub will allow for optimal folding of the blades closer to the fuselage for drag reduction when gliding. You'll get the best prop fit by using CN's spread tow propellors that are designed for their hubs. The hub and collet are made by CNC milling aluminum that is then anodized. The split collet reduces vibration and can be used on motor shafts without machined flats. The shockproof cone is cast in a glass-nylon composite.

Motor shaft diameter = 3 mm
Distance between the axes of the blades = 19 mm
Blade tilt angle = 0

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CN Spinner For F5K 25mm
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