Contest DLG & F3K

SoaringUSA carries some of the finest production DLG and F3K models available, so if you're a competition pilot or just a sports flyer looking to move up to the next level in performance, we have a model to fit your budget and experience.  

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment and servo choices for any of our DLG/F3K gliders.

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  • We offer the Boom DLG with a Rohacell foam core wing.

    • $769.95
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  • The latest CX F3K DLG on the market, the CX5 Pro is a complete redesign over the CX4 with a slimmer fuse and cored advanced airfoil wing for outstanding all around performance.

    • $999.95
  •  Brko's design will take you to a new level of performance in F3K competition.

    • $639.95
  • Based on modified Synergy 2 high performance airfoils, the Vortex 4 has been optimized for high launching and easy handling, having an incredibly flat glide and low sink rate. 

    • $979.95
  • The Progress DLG is a highly successful, high performance competition discus launched sailplane that SoaringUSA is importing from Europe. 


    • $729.95
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  • The Vice is designed specifically for FAI F3K and other hand launch glider competitions. It has the ability to travel large areas of the sky in a short time while not sacrificing low speed flight and thermaling ability, and its easy to launch high!

    • $899.95
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  • The Miras features a LONG tail moment for excellent stability and handling. Wing loading is only 4.3 oz/sq.ft

    • $549.00
  • A super lightweight D-box wing structure keeps strength up and total weight down. 

    • $599.95
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  • We offer the Boom DLG now in a F5K Electric version with a foam Rohacell RHC core.

    • $699.95
  • A super lightweight D-box wing structure keeps strength up and total weight down. For sport or competition flying including F3K.

    • $599.95