Covers, Explorer Q 3.8, 4.0, Compass, V or X Tail

Explorer protective covers for wing panels, stabs, fuselage, X or V-Tail versions

  • Wing Size and Tail
    3.8 WIng X-Tail, 3.8 Wing V-Tail, 4.0 Wing X-Tail, 4.0 Wing V-Tail
  • $94.95
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Call for availability

Explorer Q Covers For  3.8, 4.0, Compass GPS

Protecting your valuable Explorer from hangar rash and direct sun damage is a must, and these custom covers will do the job at a very reasonable price!


  • Infrared (IR) reflective chome-colored exteriors
  • Padded for minor impact and scratch resistance
  • Explorer logo on stabilizer bags
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Covers, Explorer Q 3.8, 4.0, V or X Tail
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