Chicco DLG F3K

A top-level competition F3K sailplane comes complete with all necessary hardware, ballast, RDS hardware, also wing, tail and fuse covers.

  • Wingspan
    59 in. (1.495m)
  • Wing Area
    338.5 (21.84dm2)
  • Airfoil
    Dirk Pflug Special F3K
  • Length
    42 in.(1-073m)
  • Weight
    8.8-9.5 oz (250-270g)
  • $899.95
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Chicco F3K

SoaringUSA brings you the hottest F3K release from our friends at Baudis Model. Jiri Baudis designer, builder and championship winning competitor of several winning models like: Fosa, Fosa Lift, Cyril, Ceres and now Chicco!  

Years in the making…. The Chicco is using several unique design components that set this model apart from other conventional DLG designs. The Chicco is constructed using the highest quality composites available on the market, resulting in an incredibly strong structure while maintaining the necessary reduced weights for true competition F3K. 

The wing construction is incredibly strong and tortionaly the stiffest we have seen!  The Chicco is utilizing the latest in construction techniques, ribbed sub structure and wrapped carbon spar system, yet maintaining incredibly low weights. Wing control is RDS (radial drive system) with pockets pre installed and ready for servo install. The fuse utilizes the latest in vacuum form technology allowing the use of nine structural ribs, resulting in an incredibly stiff fuse, and maintaining minimal weight.

Tail control for the Chicco is moving away from the conventional torsion spring design. This model is using a supported carbon pushrod system  for absolute positive tail control in any launch condition. The tail surfaces are milled from a single piece of Rohacell ensuring high rigidity while maintaining minimum weight.”

The Chicco comes complete with all necessary hardware, ballast,  RDS hardware, also wing, tail and fuse covers. The Chicco wing is produced in two versions: D-Box and full carbon.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

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Chicco DLG F3K
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