Freestyler 5

The Freestyler 5 is a versatile F3F or F3B competitor!  It's a sailplane with fantastic straightaway speed and awesome "snap-flap" turning ability. Our FS-5s include all the add ons: wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130!

  • Freestyler 5-3 variants
    Carbon, Double Carbon, Competition
  • Wing Area
    895 (57.74 dm2)
  • Hor. Stab Area
    89.3 (5.76 dm2)
  • Max. Weight
    167.97 oz (4762 g)
  • Total Area
    984.25 (63.5 dm2)
  • Wing Servos
    MKS HV6130 wing servo
  • Fuselage Servos
    MKS HV6100 MG
  • RX Battery
    Panasonic 18650 Li-ion
  • Wingspan
    115.74 in (2.94 m)
  • $2299.95

Freestyler 5

Available in 3 variants: Carbon, Double Carbon and Competition!

Meet the Freestyler 5, the hottest design evolution of the Freestyler family! Designed by Andreas and Martin Herrig of Germany. Andreas and Martin have been FAI World and European Champions several times in the past and have also proved their prowess in many different international competitions in F3B, F3F and F3K classes all over the world.

NOTE: Our FS-5s include all the add ons: Wing bags, ballast, wiring harness and LDS for MKS 6130!


Freestyler 5 Carbon is the standard F3F/F3B layup
Freestyler 5 Double Carbon is stronger and heavier for slope racing F3F
Freestyler 5 Competition is a lighter, high-end F3B version

The undoubted flagship of the F3B and F3F classes is the Freestyler family. Having been on the market for many years already, the dominance of these models remains undisputed. Advancements in the areas of wing and fuselage layup with the help of introduction of new materials, elimination of wing linkage play and stiffer rudder linkage, as well as adjusted setups show that this latest version, Freestyler 5, is ready for the trophy stand!

The Freestyler 5 is mainly targeted at F3F flying. It starts to excel over the Freestyler 3 and 4 in the sub-40 range, increasingly gaining advantage the faster the times get. This is not only enabled by lower straightaway drag, but also improved turn performance at those speeds. A much easier snap-flap setup allows the intermediate pilot to extract higher performance more efficiently. Also the free-time pilot, not bound to a 30-second time limit after launch, will enjoy the higher top speeds after a climb.

Despite the slightly more aggressive Freestyler 5 chord distribution, a gentle stall behavior, which TUD-Modelltechnik designs are famous for, is retained by appropriately shaping the airfoils in the FS5’s outer wing. Wing sweep was marginally reduced to benefit torsion at high g-loads.

The Freestyler 5 is a direct result of pilots requesting a model sized between the Freestyler 3 and 4 with a wingspan of 2.94 meters and a wing area of 57.74 dm². The Freestyler 5 is not necessarily a replacement for the FS-3 and FS-4, but an extension of their main area of application. The FS-3 and FS-4 are high performance all-around designs which excell in weak and medium conditions (not by chance, they have bagged World and Vice World championships in F3B).

If you already own a FS-3 or FS-4 you may be pleased to discover that all parts can be combined with the FS-5 – so you can also fly different fuselages and tails according to your personal preferences or gradually transition to the new FS-5 possibilities from your existing model. One could imagine the Freestyler 5 being flown in F3B now and then on windy days where a higher speed at the cost of a little bit of maximum lift could very well pay off!

The significantly slimmed fuselage of the FS-5 not only promises aerodynamic advantages, but also contains a few neat construction solutions. Despite its quite minimal cross section, special servos are not required. The standard micro servos like the MKS HV6100 MG or S3155 should fit. These are more convenient if you have a receiver which is wider than a GR16 (21 mm) and has to go behind the receiver battery.

The fuselage is designed for 2 round cells of 18650 size like the Panasonic 18650 Li-ion.

Also in the wing some details were changed to enable an easier completion. The servo bays are now 5 mm wider. (Recommended servo is the MKS HV6130 wing servo.)

For setup information, CLICK HERE. 

15+ years of TUD-Modelltechnik
TUD-Modelltechnik is a small ‘prestige manufacturer’ that offers models for the competitive professional and for the ambitious sport pilot.  It was founded in 2003 by Andreas and Martin Herrig as well as Franz Demmler. Andreas and Martin have been FAI World and European Champions several times in the past and have also proved their skills in a lot of different international competitions in the F3B, F3F and F3K classes all over the world. In addition to their competition experience, they also have extensive theoretical background knowledge in the aerodynamic and static fields. Their philosophy combines outstanding aerodynamics for uncompromising competition performance with a good handling, first-class, quality product, with proven long-life cycle, and ever-evolving improvements.

Video by Pierre Rondel

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