GliderCG Scale Landing Gear

The GliderCG Scale Landing Gear is our latest CG device designed for larger aircraft with landing gear up to 30kg/66lbs.

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GliderCG Scale Landing Gear Center Of Gravity Machine

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The GliderCG is a center of gravity (CG) digital balance device that provides you with the exact information of where the CG is located on the sailplane and also provides information of the sailplane's total weight.

The GliderCG Scale Landing Gear Version is a special version of GliderCG Scale, with all the same functionalities and specs, but designed to be used with airplanes that incorporate landing gear like vintage scale models, aerobatic ships, and tow planes. 

Although with our GliderCG Scale device it is possible to measure airplanes with landing gear by turning the aircraft upside down, not all models can be measured this way. The unique design of this special version can help to accurately and quickly measure the Center of Gravity, the overall weight and weight differential (lateral balance) between the sides of any models.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Simply place the sailplane on the scale and obtain it's CG without trying to balance it on your fingers or mark the wings to supporting them on precarious structures. Once the sailplane is placed on the scale, you can vary the CG easily by adding or subtracting nose weight or by moving equipment like the receiver or motor battery. The real time CG information allows you to optimize the placement of gear while building and to mark and calibrate the CG position for initial test flights. The data is shown on the digital OLED display or can be viewed via Wi-Fi on your phone or other digital device.

Dimensions: 15.75"h x 16.15"w x 14.5"d
Weight: ~4 lbs / 2 kg
Maximum weight: 66 lbs / 30 kg
Maximum fuselage width: 14.2 in / 360 mm
Maximum fuselage height (from bottom fuselage to wing bottom): 13.75 in / 350 mm
Leading edge to rear support pad distance: 11.4 in / 290 mm
Power: 800mAh rechargeable Lithium battery (provides ~2 hours of continuous operation)
Charge port: USB-C
Charge time: ~1 hour

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GliderCG Scale Landing Gear
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