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  • The NAN Compass is an all new 4.78 meter span composite electric-launched high performance glider for extreme thermal flying and GPS triangle racing in the FAI Sport class. For a short time only, the Compass is available to pre-order for only $2999.95, and Soaringusa is also offering you 10% off any MKS servo package with your pre-order, saving you hundreds of dollars. This is a limited time offer, so order this model today or give us a call or e-mail us with any questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices for this very special glider.

    • $2999.95
  • 13x10 CF Hi Performance F5 FLAT Prop

    • $32.95
  • GM 16x10 Scale Prop

    • $45.00
  • GM F5B 18x18 Props

    • $64.95
  • GM Spinner 36/6mm

    • $44.99
  • LV06H Sub Micro Servos 0.05sec 17N Coreless DC Motor

    • $53.00
  • LV06H Sub Micro Servos 0.05sec 17N Coreless DC Motor

    • $53.00
  • LV06 Sub Micro Servos 0.05sec 17N Coreless DC Motor with metal case

    • $53.00
  • Low Voltage DS06 Sub Micro Servos 1.8KG 0.07sec

    • $32.00
  • Here is the latest Diana from Glider-IT. The Diana 3. The Diana 3 is a 4.5m 1/4 scale sailplane that can be converted to electric.

    Recommended Servos:

    MKS HV6150  2-Ailerons, 1-Rud, 1-Elev

    MKS HV6130  2-Flaps

    Technical Data:

    Wing Span:              4.5 Meter

    Fuselage Length:     1.6 Meter

    Weight:                     5.9kg

    Wing Load:               73 g/dm2

    Wing Airfoil:              Mod HN

    • $2199.95
  • The Vinco TR GPS is a model specifically designed for F5J and GPS Triangle competition. Vinco TR GPS can work the lightest lift, yet still penetrate upwind, moving around the field with ease.The Vinco TR GPS comes with a 4 piece wing, ballast and a 2 piece fuselage for better packing for travel. The nose is all glass for 2.4 and GPS telemetry components.

    • $2499.95