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  • MKS HV 6120 Wing Mount with Carbon Servo Frame.

    • $55.20
  • MKS HV 6120-H Horizontal Mount

    • $55.20
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    Typ KST 06 Servo Frame Set

    Available for standard and horizontal servos.

    • $14.00
  • Typ KST A13-610 Servo Frame w/ Bearing Set

    • $19.95
  • The Finch RF unit is designed as ground unit for Sparrow / Raven onboard module.

    • $119.95
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    Onboard air-data measuring system for R/C aircraft with telemetry option.

    • $129.95
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  • The “Swift” is one component of RC Electronics model aircraft telemetry system.

    • $394.95
  • RF add-on for Swift / Sparrow devices.

    • $54.95
  • TEK sensor for Swift / Sparrow devices.

    • $54.95
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    Antenna 2.4 Mini Exit. Come in a set of 2 exits for a 2.4 receiver.

    Available in Clear or Black

    • $6.99
  • Typ KST 20 Servo Frame Set. For large 20mm wide servos using a 3mm servo arm screw.

    KST, Futaba, MKS, Hitec and ChocoFly servos.

    • $22.95
  • IDS System for KST A13-610

    • $27.95
  • The Snipe unit is designed as ground unit for Raven onboard module.

    • $454.95
  • 2 Aileron and 2 Flap Push Rod Kit with Horns by Tomas Liu

    • $29.95
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    The new Explorer Q from Nan Models has an all new, three piece fuselage, main wing is separated to four pieces for easy compact transport. Ballast is now located in the wings, which makes it much easier access. With the redesigned airfoil and trilerons, Explorer Q performs better is all-weather conditions, has better stability in the turns, easier landing characteristics, better penetration, much improved handling and agility with Explorer Q.
    offered as 3.5m, 3,8m and 4m wingspan versions.

    • $1849.95
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    ASH 31 Scale 6 meter sailplane with a 4 piece wing and retractable landing gear.

    • $3999.95
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    PowerBox CORE - the new generation of pro-class radios. 

    PowerBox-Systems manufactures high-quality power supply equipment, and has now been working for more than a year on its own independent radio control system. On the face of it we may seem a little tardy in introducing a new 2.4 GHz RC system, but upon closer inspection it is precisely this belated entry which gives us one unique advantage.

    • $2710.95
  • PBR-8E
    This is a simple eight-channel receiver with two redundant receiver circuits. The unit features 8 PWM servo outputs and will provide telemetry data for battery voltage and RF-data.

    • $74.95
  • PBR-9D
    This is a nine-channel receiver with two redundant receiver circuits. The unit features a P²-BUS interface for servo and telemetry data, and an auxiliary output which can be configured either as SRXL bus or as channel 10.

    • $161.95
  • A very fast 2-meter bird! Highly prefabricated. 2-Piece wing. Three-bend polyhedral with elliptical wing planform. A FUN sport flyer!! Model comes with all the servos mounted with the hardware installed. Motor prop and spinner are also installed. Also comes with a BEC for the radio.

    • $1149.95