Prestige 2PK F5J

From the prolific Samba Models comes the latest design from the Wizard of F5J, Philip Kolb; his unmatched knowledge, experience, and latest computer software and CNC tech have produced yet another fabulous model!

  • Wingspan
    153.5 in (3.9 m)
  • Wing Area
    1229 (79.3 dm2)
  • Airfoil
    PK-1162f (7.4%) - PK 1168f (6%)
  • Weight
    36.7 oz (1040 grams, FAI min.)
  • Controls
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Ballast Capacity
    Up to add. 1400 gr
  • Choose Layup Option!
    Light, Standard, Windy
  • Suggested Motor
    NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)
  • Suggested Prop
    GM 15x8 Prop
  • Suggested Spinner
    GM 32/6 Spinner
  • Suggested ESC
    Castle Creations 50A
  • Suggested Servos
    MKS 6110HV Servos (6)
  • Suggested Battery
    Tattu 850 3-Cell Battery
  • $2199.95
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Prestige 2PK F5J

Available in three layups: Light, Standard, Windy

A few words from the manufacturer, Samba Model: First of all thanks to Philip Kolb for constructing an exceptional model in the F5J world. He was not influenced by various fads in the F5J world and used all his knowledge, experience and best available software to construct the amazing PRESTIGE 2PK.
To this we added the full Rohacell core to the design, the whole model is made in heated aluminum molds to a very high temperature. This technology creates a light, strong and stable platform for years of flying.
It is worth mentioning a few properties we have found very nice after flying this model for a while.
In circling the model as expected did not have a need for extreme dihedral joiners since the aerodynamic design and airfoil changes does that work in a better way than increasing dihedral. It was first produced with 6 degree tip joiners and then we added an 8 degree alternative. It has also been flown a lot with 5 degree joiners with good success in low altitude thermalling at EC F3J 2019. There should be no need for extreme joiners though this is again a personal preference.
Circling camber can be extreme (5-8 degrees) while still maintaining speed during because of a new tail design that keeps the energy better (less drag). This means high bank angle is possible and yet still keep the high lift in a tight thermal.
The large and newly designed rudder makes it possible to yank the model into any thermal you find.
As you will find described in the designer Philip Kolb’s writeup the penetration in all camber settings is very good because of the new tail design. Now you can change camber at any point without loosing flying energy like we see in many airfoils. The model now just speeds up to the desired speed/camber setting and keeps that for a trip over the whole airfield through lift and sink. Night and early morning testing have shown sink values as good as 0,35-0,4m/s in distance mode (1mm up along the whole trailing edge and measured by altimeter). That means search mode for thermals is very efficient and a fantastic glide ratio. Flying in full camber in the same conditions gives values in the range of 0,25-0,3m/s but less area is covered.
Landing the Prestige 2PK is easier than ever. No aileron setup is needed (aileron goes to neutral when brakes applied). Only flaps and elevator compensation. Still the model slows down to a crawl and pushing over is easy as the new elevator keeps the energy well even with full flaps applied. The rudder is also better and bigger and with the new high dihedral middle and aerodynamic airfoil changes it corresponds well to rudder input and is not as much affected by side wind as earlier models. Though it should be said that the lightest layup has very light tips and heavier tips (inertia) might be preferred if the landing area have lots of side wind and/or turbulence.

Electric/Electronic Installation
The nose is removable. It is made longer than needed and can be shortened ( max. 100 mm) according to engine weight and Li-Po. Install equipment and shorten nose to fit preferred CG. The original nose has a diameter of 32 mm. It is designed to fit cheap and reliable outrunners for lighter versions. Very soon we will produce a nose cone with slimmer diameter of 30 mm.
The servos and receiver are located in the fuselage under the center wing therefore there is enough space in the front for the motor, controller and Li-Po. Battery size from very small and up to 2300mah can be used as much care is taken to a very thin but almost square fuse in the front area.
The complete wire harness is built into the center panel and the central connector is ready installed. Wire harness for fuselage is also delivered ready made.
Servo compartments in wing are laminated on all sides with carbon fabric, so a very strong box has been created in which the IDS system from can be mounted. We recommend to install IDS for KST X10 mini, JRDS 181 or 189, Mks 6130 for flaps and MKS 6110HV in the tips. For fuselage are suitable servos size like MKS 6110 HV
In the future will also produce a V tail version
Although it is a new model a few pilots had it before WCH F5J 2019 and only had the chance to test for a short time.
So in the biggest F5J competitions of all times the pre contest 4th WCH World F5J Challenge only 3 pilots flew with the Prestige 2 PK. All 3 pilots were in Fly Off out of 190 pilots. Robert Bonafede won the 4th World Challenge and finished 3rd at the World Championship that followed.
Other pilots with the Prestige 2PK achieved a lot of podium positions in a lot of other F5J competitions.

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NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)
GM 15x8 Prop
GM 32/6 Spinner
Castle Creations 50A ESC
6 - MKS 6110HV Servos
Tattu 850 3-Cell Battery

Latest Competition News
- Roberto Bonafede with his Bronze medal at WC F5J
- 4th F5J WORLD CHALLENGE TRNAVA CUP 2019 - 1st Place Roberto Bonafede ITA, PRESTIGE 2PK
- Vlastimil Vostřel won preliminary rounds and got 2nd in the finals of this years F5J Loire Valley, Contest Eurotour . Vlastimil flew his new Prestige 2PK from Samba Model.
- Jo Grini got 2nd place in Czech Championship / Samba Cup 2019
- Sebastian Feigl flew his new Prestige 2PK to a perfect 7000p score in preliminary rounds and 3rd place in the finals Burgau, Germany.
WARNING: According to many pilots flying the Prestige 2PK it is very addictive (-:

Video below by Jo Grini  (Viewed from ABOVE!)

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