Servo Frame MKS HV6120 IDS "Foam"- Pair

Servo Frame MKS 6120 IDS "Foam" -Pair

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Servo Frame MKS6120 IDS "Foam" (Pair)

Soaring USA has brought to you the newest in servo frame and pushrod technology. 

The Integrated Drive System Foam is the latest design and is designed to fit easily in solid core foam wings. These new frames now with bearing support are designed specifically for one of the most popular servos in our collection. Bearing supports will increase the life of your servo dramatically. Using servo frames will cut your building time, dramatically. Made of fiber filled nylon  for superior strength and easy servo removal. There is no added height in the molded wing, these hold the servo at a "flush" profile.

The Integrated Drive System Foam for MKS HV6120 servos is a beautifully engineered external bearing servo frame matched to a custom servo horn and supplied with a set of ultra-rigid pushrods for connecting the servo to flaps and ailerons. 

By adding "1" to your cart, you get a pair (2) of these beautifully engineered external bearing servo frames with a SET of different length, ultra-rigid injection molded pushrods to make the Integrated Drive System (IDS). For MKS DS6120 and similarly sized servos. 

An Integrated Drive System or IDS is a largely or completely internal linkage between an aileron or flap and its servo. It is different from a normal wire based linkage in using much stiffer components, resulting in a more rigidly connected control surface, with much less compliance. These frames and IDS linkages speed-up servo installation, keep the servo secure and rigidly mounted, and also allow easy removal for maintenance or replacement. The external bearing reduces side load at the servo output arm, reducing compliance and extending the life of the servo. The external bearing and the special rigid IDS connecting piece reduces any free play, increasing the stiffness of the control surface, improving control and avoiding flutter problems.

Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.


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Servo Frame MKS HV6120 IDS "Foam"- Pair
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