Vinco TR Light

The Vinco TR is a model specifically designed for F5J competition and can work the lightest lift, yet still penetrate upwind, moving around the field with ease. The Vinco TR comes with a 4 piece wing and 2 piece fuse for better packing for travel.

  • Wingspan
    156 in
  • Wing Area
  • Wing loading
  • Airfoil
    SynerJ80 - SynerJ30
  • Length
    70 in
  • Weight
    41.6oz (1180g)
  • Controls
  • Motor type
    NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)
  • Battery config
    TP 3s 850
  • Channels
    5 req'd
  • Options
    Light, Light Plus
  • $2199.95
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Vinco TR F5J

The Vinco TR is a model specifically designed for F5J competition. Its aerodynamic design is based on the very successful Gerald Taylor wing but optimized for the needs of F5J competition. Vinco is also optimized to work with a very low wing loading: around 4.6 oz/sq.ft. (13 g/ With such a remarkably low wing loading, Vinco can work the lightest lift, yet still penetrate upwind, moving around the field with ease. 

This remarkable performance is possible thanks to Vinco's latest-generation airfoils which are precisely maintained along the entire wingspan, reducing drag and also creating optimum lift, making this model a superb flyer. 

The 2 piece fuselage is made with the internal pressure technique and includes all of the threads for assembling wings and tail directly from the mold. All the model is designed and built to be as light as possible, but strong enough to resist the hard life that the high level competition will cause.

The Vinco TR is produced by Spain’s leading manufacturer of hand launched gliders, so DLG technology is used throughout the construction. The model is built to be as light as possible, using the very best high tech spread carbon to achieve a structure and flying weight not possible until recently. The 69-inch (175 cm) long one-piece carbon fuselage weighs approx 4.25oz (120g). Its long nose and large canopy hatch give good access to the flight battery and allow for easy powertrain and R/C installation. The rudder and elevator servos are mounted in front of the wing for low inertia, with control surfaces operated by lightweight pull-pull wires which are factory installed and connected to carefully engineered bell cranks, which actuate pushrods operating the tail surfaces accurately, and without any free play.

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Model Bags are available as cheap insurance against hangar rash, transportation damage, dust, accidental handling goofs!

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Recommended Equipment:

Recommended Motor: NeuMotor 1102/3.5Y/5.8 (P22)

Recommended ESC: CC Phoenix EDGE Lite 50 Brushless Speed Controller

Recommended Battery: Tattu Battery 850mAh 3S 75C Lipo

Recommended Spinner: GM 30/6mm Spinner

Recommended prop: GM 15x8 Prop

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