XPower F2307/14 F5K brushless motor - 27g

XPower F2307/14 F5K brushless motor

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XPower F2307/14 F5K brushless motor

This powerful brushless outrunner motor with a shrouded rotating cage is specially designed for the F5K category.
Derived from our F5J World Champion competition motors, this affordable light weight motor will fit most F5K fuselages easily.  Give us a call or e-mail us with any ordering or technical questions, we'll be happy to help you make the right equipment choices.

Technical specifications:

Recommended number of cells: 2 LiPo
Number of revolutions per Volt: 3650
Max current: 18A (30")
Internal resistance: 49,3mOhm
Dimensions: Ø23,6x27,6mm
Motor axis diameter: 3,17mm
Weight: 26,8g approx.
Recommended propellers: 6x3-6x4"

Measurements (start of pack):

Propeller: XPower folding 6x3,5" + cone Ø25mm
Controller: XPower Xreg20 V5
Battery: Hot Lips 450mAh 2S1P
Speed: 16500 rpm
Consumption: 18A
Static pull: 0.43kg
Recommended controller: 20A

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XPower F2307/14 F5K brushless motor
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