XPower F2915/12 F5J XLIGHT brushless motor - 72g

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Square cage brushless motor, specially designed for F5J performance, for the lightest models.Power cables exit in the axis at the back of the motor, perfect for easy installation in thin glider noses, no more problems with wires rubbing on the motor! Superbly adapted to F5J light gliders with a takeoff weight not exceeding 1300g.Doing without gearboxes simplifies "the mechanics" and thus limits the risk of failure. Moreover, the fact of turning at high speed much smaller propellers reduces the effects of gyroscopic torques, which makes it easier to manage the climb and accelerates the horizontal speed of the model.

Technical Specifications:

Recommended number of cells: 3 LiPo
Number of revolutions per Volt: 1600
Max current: 35A (30")
Internal resistance: xxmOhm
Dimensions: Ø28,1x38.7mm
Motor shaft diameter: 5,0mm
Weight: 72g approx.
Recommended propellers: 10x5-11x6"

Propeller: XPower CARBON 10x6"+ GM carbon cone Ø32mm
Controller: XPower Xreg30 V5
Battery: Hot Lips VHD 600 3S1P
Speed: 10600 rpm
Power consumption: 35 A
Static pull: 1,3kg
Recommended controller: 30A to 40A

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XPower F2915/12 F5J XLIGHT brushless motor - 72g
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