Boom DLG

We offer the Boom DLG with foam Rohacell core.

  • Wingspan
    58.7in (1490mm)
  • Wing Area
    309 in2 (19.93dm2)
  • Wing loading
    4.1-4.26oz/ft2 (12.5 - 13 g/dm2)
  • Airfoil
  • Weight
    8.8- 9.2oz (250 - 260g)
  • Controls
  • $769.95

Boom DLG

From Jim Aero, meet the Boom DLG in 2 versions

Boom DLG is a high-speed and easily controlled discus launch glider. It was designed specially for the F3K competition. Boom DLG launches very high and has very good penetration due to the new family of thin airfoils DI760...720 and its narrow wing. In short, the Boom can fly very fast, and it can "hang" well  It has very low sink rate. In the wind or calm, Boom DLG is always just what you need. Rigid and lightweight, with narrow chord and a slim airfoil. You may want to look at the performance graphs, but it’s better just to go out and fly!

The Boom DLG was designed from heavy computer modeling and experimental testing. Built to be rigid and light weight, the new family of airfoils have a high aerodynamic efficiency over a wide range of flight speeds! 

We offer the Boom in two versions: the Boom DLG with XPS foam core or Rohacell core. The ultra light XPS foam core can be glued only with epoxy, not CA! The Rohacell® core is more rigid and can be glued by cyanoacrylate. The RHS version is slightly more expensive, but it is stronger and still lightweight! This is the better Rohacell core/carbon strong model.

Boom can penetrate well without giving up hang time and its fit and finish are known from Jim Aero's other fantastic models.

Try the'll like it...

Video by rdeutsch67 

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